White Bison Trail

White Bison Trail

Many locals have driven through the beautiful Lone Elk Park in St. Louis County, but did you know you could get out of the car and hike too?

The White Bison Trail is the only hiking trail inside the park. The 3.2 mile-loop begins at the Visitors Center, then takes you up the hill and through the woods all on a dirt path. The trail takes you back out on the paved road near the lake and wraps back around to the Visitors Center

Lone Elk Park is a wildlife management area so, be aware of elk and deer roaming through the woods. If they are on the trail, slowly walk around them from a distance. Never approach an elk as they can be extremely aggressive.

Domestic animals are not allowed at Lone Elk Park even if confined in a vehicle.

When you’re finished with your hike, you will exit the park on a scenic drive that provides views of the elk and bison, often in close proximity.

Kristen Carver

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