My Neighbor Made This Soup For Me And Now I Can’t Stop Making It

white chicken chili

My Neighbor Made This Soup For Me And Now I Can’t Stop Making It

As we head into full fledged fall and the hurricanes continue pouring down, I’m back in the kitchen emptying the contents of my fridge into the crockpot to always have an easy meal on hand. These last few weeks, I’ve been on a white chicken chili bender and honestly, it’s one of my go to fall recipes. My neighbor dropped off a bowl of this stuff to me the other week and I’ve been inspired, satiated and tweaking the recipe weekly. It’s just 5 ingredients and whether you want to eat in 10 minutes or 8 hours, this soup is for you. It’s also a personal favorite because while it’s only 5 ingredients, this recipe is also very open to just about any addition you can think of, which makes it an easy go to when I’m down to the bottom of my fridge with random produce that I don’t want to go to waste.

This white chicken chili is also compliant with most of the diet trends if you aren’t just eating food for basic nutrition and overall deliciousness!

Check out the recipe here and let me know what modifications you make to the contents of the soup or the toppings. This past week I bumped up the spice by adding Jalapenos to the soup and adding Fritos as one of my toppings. Fritos and an extra Jalapeno kick up the ante on this versatile classic.

Happy slurping!

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