Why CycleBar Might Be My New “Go-To”!

Why CycleBar Might Be My New “Go-To”!

I took my first spin class with CycleBar Waverly, and they did not disappoint!

This class was outside in the most beautiful weather you could imagine, with a super energetic instructor named Erica! I could tell even before meeting her that she was going to make this workout so much fun (her hair was up in spacebuns – y’all need to check out that cute hairstyle). Some more instructors from CycleBar also joined, and made everyone feel so welcomed.

With this being my first spin class, I had no clue what to expect. I didn’t even know how to clip in my shoes to the pedals! But once I was clipped in and the music started going, I was ready to pedal my @** off!

Erica explained how the class was going to go, and showed us where we could adjust our resistance and how much power we were putting out, which made it really easy to change how hard you wanted to make the workout. Another amazing thing about this class was it wasn’t just a lower body workout! They had 4 and 6 pound bars that we used to workout our upper bodies and even out some of that burn.

If you aren’t convince yet to give CycleBar a try, the classes they have in their studio are blacked out with music blasting and neon lights everywhere! Sounds like my kind of party!