Zire Nutrition: how this Pittsburgh small business is taking the holistic approach to supplements

Zire Nutrition: how this Pittsburgh small business is taking the holistic approach to supplements

If you workout regularly or are maintain a high level of activity on a daily basis, then you likely know about the importance of protein soon after you finish. Simply put, consuming protein is essential for optimal muscle growth and repair.
Pittsburgh is lucky to be home to Zire Nutrition, a company that makes it its mission to empower people to do their best every single day. And they do just that with a selection of health and wellness products designed to keep our bodies moving.
Zire Nutrition was officially founded in 2019 by Josh Rulnick, though the team might backdate that to about five years ago, when Josh’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. At the time, Josh knew that lifestyle changes, including dietary changes, were imminent and that he would want to support his mom in any way that he could.
“No matter what anyone is facing, they deserve access to wholesome dietary options,” Josh explained. “Our team of food scientists, nutrition advisors, and brand developers work hard day-in and day-out to build awareness around health products through education. People need to know what’s going in their bodies so that they can make the right decisions that align with their health and lifestyle goals.”
For Zire Nutrition, that means a researched selection that boasts products containing real, wholesome ingredients….products such as:

Better Peanut Butter and Crazy Over Cocoa Protein Bars 
Steady-Release Pre-workout Powders in Blue Raspberry, Fruit Punch and Pink Lemonade
Joint Dynamics to support mobility and flexibility
C3 Bliss to support cognitive clarity and stress response
Digestive Synergy to support digestion and nutrient absorption

“Our nutrition labels are transparent and showcase the natural and clinically researched ingredients that we use in all of our products,” Josh said. “Best of all, our in-house food scientists and nutrition advisors are the people who create our formulas.”
According to Josh, Zire Nutrition doesn’t rely on factory recommended formulas that are designed to maximize profits. Instead, they research and test their own formulas to help people to be and do their best.
The Pre-Workout Drink
As with all of their products, it’s not just about what’s in it, it’s also about what’s NOT in it. Take the Pre-Workout Drink, for example. You won’t find any artificial sweeteners, sugar or single-source caffeine. 
“Pre-workout drinks are often misunderstood because people tend to associate them with huge muscles and explosive workouts that make you feel like you want to run through a wall,” Josh said. “While these products do exist for a certain type of fitness buff, that’s not why we created it.”
Zire Pre-Workout Drinks, which are available in three flavors — Blue Raspberry, Fruit Punch and Pink Lemonade – help our bodies create energy through two types of caffeine, green tea, and green coffee bean extract. While Zire calls it a time-released formula, it’s more like a combination of rapid build-up and steadily built energy. In fact, people following the most popular types of workouts – cardio, HIIT, Crossfit, and strength training – use Zire Pre-Workout Drinks because it powers them through their workouts without the typical post-workout crash.
Here is a photo of the nutrition label of the Pre-Workout Drink:

And Josh is just as much of a Zire customer as he is the founder, as he practices what he preaches. Zire created the Pre-Workout Drink to serve his demanding lifestyle as a dad of two young kids, someone who never misses his daily workout and Zire founder. Like many others, Josh’s life demands a pre-workout drink that helps him power through his entire day, not just his workouts.
Though customers praise the Blue Raspberry flavor, the Fruit Punch receives a lot of love, as does the new Pink Lemonade flavor.
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