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Live Informed, Not in Fear

We may have to practice social distancing for a while, but that doesn’t mean emotional disconnection. We are all adjusting to a new normal, so staying engaged with friends, family, and life is more important now than ever before. There may be more distance between us, but the most important force on the planet LOVE, can’t be quarantined. Exercise your heart today by reaching out to someone who might need your support. What we can all spread right now is a VIRUS of COMPASSION. #RisingStrongerTogether

We have persevered through the Great Depression, World War II, upheavals and riots in the 1960s, 9/11, and the 2008 global financial crash. The way we got through it was TOGETHER. Flex your resiliency muscles by having hope, staying calm and knowing this too shall pass. Your actions make a difference so what kind of leader can you be right now for your kids, employees, students, congregation, and community? I read the results from Gallup’s biggest global study this week, and it served as a good reminder of how we can make a difference. Here is the Gallup question and the results. What do citizens want from leaders and institutions in times of crisis? Drumroll… to lead our world with (1) compassion, (2) stability, (3) trust, and (4) hope and inspiration for the future. 

We are facing an invisible enemy and a global pandemic. So, how can you show up? Don’t be a bystander, be the leader the world is seeking to follow. 

12 tips to keep you physically healthy, mentally happy and emotionally whole  

1. Stay connected 
2. Maintain a healthy routine 
3. Get outside in the sunshine 
4. Show compassion 
5. Practice self-care
6. Be mindful 
7. Eat healthy
8. Exercise 
9. Get good rest 
10. Thank people on the front lines i.e. healthcare workers
11. Stay grounded in gratitude 
12. Help someone find their smile today 

Safety tip: Rather than shake, try giving a greeting that is thousands of years old… Make NAMASTE your new handshake. 

Important reminder: Pause, process and proceed with greater intention. 

Sending you and your family love and light!

Empower Health America Founder, Terrie Reeves