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A Letter from our Founder

Thank you for your interest in joining our SweatNET family.


When we first began, our goal was to offer a wide range of fitness styles to a community of those seeking fitness and wellness. As our company grew, we built and tapped into a huge network of people who wanted to sweat, gaining insight and knowledge into what it is that truly engages with people looking for studios just like yours. 2 Years and 10 cities later we are still growing. 


The intent of this document is to show you that the SweatNET team – combined with the harnessed power of the local fitness community – is uniquely qualified to tackle the challenges of managing elements of your facilities, and elevating your brand and reach through meaningful content and connections.


Ultimately, we understand that your journey towards studio management and ownership began with your love of fitness. Running a studio tends to require extra back-end management, marketing, promotional material, and many other time consuming tasks that may pull you away from where your true passions lie. Handing over these tasks allows you to focus on what you’re best at, while we create curated content to guide eager fitness enthusiasts towards your studio.


More butts on the bikes, a louder Om in the room, and more sweating in your studios.

See you in the studio,

Every City Is Unique

The offerings below vary by city. please contact us for details

Our studio services

for national or digital partner services click here

Get listed on the SweatNET platform

Thousands of people search SweatNET every week for places to workout in your city. Be one of those results and control what is displayed. It’s as simple as that. You would not want your business to be unlisted on Google. While we are definitely not Google, local residents are now using SweatNET as a resource to find where to go, when to go, and how to get there. We are a hyper focused local network with a niche audience for all things health and wellness in the local area. List your business, share who’s inside and get connected.

Professional Photo Shoots & Video

SweatNET provides comprehensive photo services to all network partners. Various plans are available depending on the frequency of these photo sessions, but you can always expect the same level of quality no matter which option you choose. If you need studio photos, instructor headshots, lifestyle photos, or if you just have an awesome event that you want documented to share with your members that attend, SweatNET is here for you.

Experienced Event Promotion & Hosting

One of the most difficult tasks of putting on any event is the massive undertaking required for event promotion. Getting your event seen by a relevant audience is what we specialize in. With advanced targeting methods, we get your events posted on multiple platforms visible to an audience with a higher likelihood of attending. Take your event ideas to the next level with SweatNET Powered Events! These events employ physical and active involvement from our SweatNET team to add an extra amount of engagement to your get-togethers! Getting our team to help with your event adds an effective marketing resource right at your fingertips. This can include photography designated either before or during your event, ticketing, check-in, insurance coverage, promotion, and day-of support!

Publish content available to the entire network

Sharing your stories is what makes you real. The struggle is being heard. SweatNET solves this dilemma by giving you a platform to tell your story in an open, honest, and unbiased way. Rest assured that our publications are never sponsored and not produced for ad content. We want our network partners to use SweatNET as a pedestal to connect with others and share what makes you unique.

Event Ticketing Solutions & Promotion

Your business probably already has a booking system that you know and love to hate. For many though, this can present challenges when your are hosting off-site events. SweatNET gives network partners FREE access to the SweatNET Ticketing System. You will not get charged a dime. No ticket fees. No transaction fees. No payment fees. No fees. Period. Not only this, but any event that utilizes the SweatNET Ticketing Solutions is publicly marketed on the SweatNET website and app platforms! That’s free marketing.

Custom Meal Plans for Members

Odds are if your members are willing to pay money to work out, they are also eager to find ways to eat healthy. That, or they work out exclusively so that they can eat poorly. Either way, SweatNET now offers customizable meal plans that you can provide to your members. These meal plans include recipes from our database with individualized serving sizes, nutritional information, and dietary facts. We even offer recipes for sweet treats, because life is about balance.

Fitness Challenges for your members

Let us set up and facilitate wellness challenges. We offer a variety of challenges including fitness challenges, step challenges, nutrition challenges, weight-loss challenges, and more! These are a great way to build community and increase engagement in your studio.

SweatNET Podcast and Sweat Summit

SweatNET has built a large audience of engaged readers and viewers, but recently has been exploding with an influx of new “listeners.” SweatNET now offers studios access to podcasts as part of your premium network memberships. Make a genuine connection with our audience and share a compelling message with this extremely popular media outlet.

Managed Social Media Marketing

The true power and value of the SweatNET marketing solution is that the most difficult part (the content) is generated, captured, or created by SweatNET staff. Sit back and never worry about what to post to Instagram or Facebook again. We will employ the same tools, tricks, and techniques that were used to build our social media accounts, while expanding your reach and increasing your engagement.

Job Postings on SweatNET & Top Sites

Looking for new talent in the fitness industry? We have talent looking for opportunities in the fitness industry. You don’t need to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars to submit job postings online or pay recruiters for talent. SweatNET offers job postings as part of the premium network membership plans. This means you can post your health/wellness job directly to a relevant and eager market.

Record and Stream Live Classes and Instructions

Want to give your members benefits beyond the studio? Modern studios are now offering access to streaming classes online. SweatNET has developed a comprehensive platform to record, stream, host, and distribute classes from your studio.

Advanced body analysis and biometric screenings

With our InBody technology we are able to provide comprehensive body composition testing for all of your members which shows body fat percentage, lean muscle mass, and much more. With the help of our functional medicine nurse practitioner, we are also able to provide in depth biometric screenings which allows us to create personal wellness programs delivered through individual health coaching sessions.


get sweaty ‘cause here we come

At SweatNET, our mission is to make healthy lifestyles more affordable and accessible for our local communities. Regardless of whether you are an elite athlete or if you only have been thinking about your new-year’s resolution, SweatNET is for you. SweatNET is a free informational platform to connect the local community to studios, businesses, instructors and activities around your city. Become a member of SweatNET to receive exclusive discounts on everything from classes to healthy eats, meal planning, meditations.

The Founders

we are here, real, and in the flesh

SweatNET does community a little bit differently than you may have seen in the past. By “a little bit” we actually mean a whole lotta-bit. It is not enough for us to simply say we are inclusive or that everyone is welcome. Because this is true at almost all of the studios and businesses around our amazing city. Our goal is to seek out those who are not part of this community, or any community, and get them connected & involved. We believe that wellness should be available to everyone and our goal is to provide resources and opportunities to break down barriers and any intimidation toward health & fitness.

These aren’t just empty words. This is how we live and operate every day. SweatNET was built from the outside in. When we looked around our own city, we saw endless possibilities when it came to health and wellness. There are over 200 fitness studios, yet people in our community still feel intimidated or struggle to step inside. Over the past few years, SweatNET was built to connect people to the fitness modality, instructor, or studio that they feel is the best fit for their needs and personality.

Our network has grown significantly since our formation and so has our offerings. We continue to add more and more tools, processes, gadgets, and connections to engage our community and encourage them to get into your studios. But at the end of the day, it will always be us.

Our people, not our platform, give us our value. We will always be accessible to you. Text us, call us, beep us (live chat), and you will absolutely get a response.

The Network

feel the beat

Thousands of people search SweatNET every week for locations to workout in. Be one of those results and control what is displayed. It’s that simple! We want you to be discovered by the right people who are SEARCHING for an option that works well for them!


get featured

We don’t play favorites. (Except when it comes to pizza places.) No matter how big or small your studio/business is, we are going to feature you all the same. The front page of SweatNET is not for sale and will ALWAYS be free. Whether you are a paying business, or participate  exclusively on the “free” introductory level, we
will equally share your voice, stories, and connect our members to your establishment. This is important to remember! When you sign up for a paid level of service, you are signing up for
guaranteed services like photos, social media management, or event promotion – not visibility.


no. were not like classpass

Although we are flattered to be compared to such a big business – no we aren’t really like classpass at all. SweatNET is first and foremost a closed-loop marketing company that is  focused on building and expanding the fitness community. Discounts are only a single (albeit small) tool that we employ to get people into your studios. We don’t want to compete with classpass in the discounted or nomadic fitness world. All transactions still go directly to you through your own booking process. Simply put, our goal is to encourage people to try out new
places, find a home studio, and increase your monthly packages or unlimited memberships.

Photos & Video

You may have noticed at this point that we take photos. Surprise! Every photo in this document was taken by SweatNET for our partner studios. We hope that they speak for themselves. Let us take some for you. Pricing below varies by City.


1 Photoshoot Per Quarter


1 Photoshoot Per Month
1 Video Per Year

Social Pro

1 Photoshoot Per Month
Additional Photos as Needed for social
1 Video per Year

advanced body analysis

SweatNET delivers state-of-the-art body analysis and tracking via our
InBody Scanning. Your members will now have access to non-invasive
InBody scanning to give real and meaningful measurements of their
overall body health. SweatNET will then provide additional support for
each member to interpret and understand their results and develop an
achievable plan for success. This tool can be used effectively in new
members acquisition and member retention programs.


smoke and mirrors

It’s more like smoke and speakers. We have a lot of equipment that we use for our events. As a partner studio we make most of this equipment available for you to use at no extra charge. We are constantly getting new technology and toys to keep making our own experiences more and more dynamic. This means, for you, as the studio owners and operators, you have access to the same equipment for your events without the ridiculous rental fees or high cost to purchase. It also means that it’s hard to print a list of all the items in a book like this. We have blacklights, mics, podcast equipment, speakers for crowds of 300+, lasers, stages, headsets, tables etc etc. Send us an email and we can help out!places, find a home studio, and increase your monthly packages or unlimited memberships. 

The muscle

supported by our ambassadors

Walls keep people out. People bring people in. SweatNET is a people-first platform supported by our staff, contributors, partners, but especially our ambassadors. SweatNET ambassadors come from every background, yet all share one thing in common: their desire to share health and wellness with the community. Ambassadors are encouraged to be extensions of SweatNET to reach further and engage more individuals to get healthy and sweaty with you.

Connect deeper with DropSound

SweatNET created DropSound as a way to enhance event experiences andengage new audiences. DropSound headphones wirelessly transmit music, instruction, ambients, live DJs, speakers, seminars, even scavenger hunts. DropSound is a game changer. Nobody at SweatNET expected the community to react to DropSound headphones the way it did. DropSound allows you to connect deeper, engage bigger audiences, facilitate unique venues, and create completely new experiences. SweatNET currently has 750 headphones that are accessible to our partners. Think aquarium yoga. Think mountain-top hikes and meditations. Think outdoor group runs with music and instruction. Think big.


$2.50 / Headphone / Day


Exchangable with Photoshoot

Social Pro

1 Free Rental per Month
Exchangeable with Photoshoot


no ticket fees + free advertising

Do you have an upcoming event? Use SweatNET to get the word out!
Set SweatNET as co-host on any facebook event and that event will
automatically be propagated onto our calendars and newsletters*.
No matter how big or small, use SweatNET events to spread the word
absolutely for free. SweatNET also offers FREE ticketing services for
your events. This means you don’t pay a thing (not even the credit card
transaction fees).


make finding quality instructors easier

SweatNET Jobs is one of the easiest ways to search for highly interested and qualified talent. Simply send in your job description and get your search shared locally with our network and we will also do the work to propagate this with even larger national search networks! Don’t forget…we know a few people or two in the industry. 😉

The skill

what if getting leads was as easy as pointing?

If you’ve ever run a facebook or google ad before, you probably know approximately what your “cost-per-lead” is. What if you could effectively take that number down to zero and get much more relevant leads? That is the power of attending SweatNET events – all you need to do is show up. When SweatNET hosts an experiential event, you can expect a lot of first-timers and fitness newbies to attend. We want YOU there networking with them and inviting them back to your studio.


recordings always accessible... anywhere

Stay up to date with the current technology. At-home-fitness has been a thing since Richard Simmons, but until recently these have exclusively been big national productions. YouTube has changed the worlds mentality on what content should be available at home or on the go. Why leave your members stranded without your content when they are traveling or just not able to make their class-time? SweatNET produces high quality class recordings for distribution to your members. Do you want to record trainings for your instructors, or “after-class” training/stretching sessions to do at home? The possibilities are endless, and the opportunity to create significant value for your members is huge.

The burner

don’t make nutrition an afterthought

We’ve all heard it. “Abs are made in the kitchen” – “Health is 30% fitness 70% nutrition.” Whatever the actual numbers are doesn’t matter because we can all agree that nutrition matters. When clients come to
your business or studio, they are coming because they care about their health. You can now leverage the SweatNET platform to give them access to nutritional information, meal plans, recipes and programs all certified
by nutritionists, dietitians, and medical doctors. Ask us how to utilize this to its full potential in your studio.

The sweet spot

put the phone down we’ve got this

Marketing…It’s kind of our thing. Like…really our thing. Put your phones down and join the many studios that have handed us the reins to run their social media for them. We want you to be able to focus on your client experiences and you can let us take your photos and make your posts. For one simple price we will create 25+ Facebook and Instagram posts each month with stunning imagery and content.

Lets Talk Numbers

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