Explore all that SweatNET has to offer below!  WARNING: Fun will be had!

Choose a Membership That Works For You

Pick a membership that fits your schedule, needs, and comfort level. If you're new to fitness, getting back into the swing of things, or a seasoned athlete, we have something for you. With each membership option you can pick and choose what workouts you want to try.


$ 11
95 / MO
  • 6 event credits/month for SweatNET events
  • $6/workout add-ons
  • 15% off ticketed workouts/event pricing
  • Access to Free Streaming Services


$ 24
95 / MO
  • Unlimited monthly SweatNET events
  • 20% off ticketed workout/event pricing
  • Access to Free Streaming Services
  • Exclusive Deals


Sample local studios

Have you always wanted to try that bootcamp, barre, pilates, or mediation class?  Now you can on your terms!  Most of our workouts are outside so you can feel safe, and get a taste of what each gym has to offer.

Meet like-minded people

There’s nothing worse than showing up to a class for the first time and feeling out of place let alone not knowing a single soul.  Good news, at our pop-ups and events you’ll show up not knowing anyone, and leave with new friends that share the same values as you!

Have fun

There’s no expectations ever at one of our pop-ups and events but we promise fun will be had.  If you love moving your body you’ll definitely have some fun!

Cancel any time

We understand that not everything is for everyone.  With no contracts you can cancel at any time.

Frequently asked questions

We are an inclusive community that helps breakdown the intimidation barriers to fitness.  Through our monthly events and pop-up workouts you’ll be sure to find something you love.  Each workout is led by a local instructor of a gym so you can sample different workout/wellness modalities, and meet new friends along the way.  We want fitness to be affordable and accessible.

While we respect and love Classpass, we are not like them.  Our goal is to not only get you moving but also get you connecting.  You’ll never have to fly solo, and you’ll always meet new people with the same interests.

You’ll receive a welcome email that’ll get you acclimated with your new membership.  We highly encourage you to sign up for events ASAP due to limited capacity.  Please note that if you’re unable to attend to cancel within 24 hours before the event.

1st you need to see what classes are available by clicking here. Pick the classes/events you’d like to attend.  Make sure you read the details of the classes to confirm locations, what to bring, etc.  If you have a membership, login into your account to RSVP.  If you’re not a member you can still sign up!

We do not have an app currently.  We recommend bookmarking on your phone or internet browser so you can easily access on the go.

A ticketed event is in reference to active Starter and Insider SweatNET members.  Sometimes we need to charge a small fee for an event but Starter and Insider members will get a discount where VIP members will always have free events.

No problem!  They will rollover to the next month and will continue rolling over until they are used.

Nope!  You can still join our events and pop-up workouts by purchasing a drop-in ticket.

We do not have a physical location.  We like popping up in fun spaces around the Greater Seattle area.

Our Commitment to You: We are an inclusive community that accepts ALL people.  We will continually strive for equity, diversity, justice, and provide a safe space for all to experience the freedom of movement.