10 Morning Meals Fast

One of the most common complaints I get when discussing nutrition to patients is, ‘I don’t have enough time for breakfast.’ Many of my patients wait until lunch or later to eat and when they do, they overeat unhealthy foods. Choosing real foods in the morning is important- you start your day off with a healthy meal then likely you will continue to eat healthy and move more throughout the day. So, let me introduce you to 10 quick, easy meals on the go that you give you no excuse to skip breakfast!

1. Egg Avocado Bake

All you need is an avocado and two eggs or one egg, whatever you wanna do. Cut the avocado, crack the eggs in the center (seed removed) and bake in a muffin pan for about 13-15 minutes. I topped these with already cooked bacon for the week and sea salt, cracked pepper, plus goat cheese.


2. Toast

The easiest breakfast ever. I keep bread frozen so they last a long time- ezekial bread is one of my favorite brands (found in freezer section). I go for sprouted grain breads but you could even try a paleo bread (mikeys, julians bakery, and barely bread are a few of my favorites). Toast them and top them with sweet or savory ingredients. I do both You can just slather avocado, sea salt, and olive oil on one and almond butter and cinnamon on the other- so easy!


3. Overnight Oats

When I first started getting used to my new work schedule, I pre-prepped oats all the time. Buy a bunch of mason jars – 1/2 cup oats, milk to cover, and tbs chia seeds and flax. I add nut butter and fruit, let it soak over night, and grab and go in the morning. Take it to the next level by making them in an almost empty nut butter jar! You can sweeten with a little honey or maple syrup if you like. Add zucchini shavings for hidden veggies.

4. Protein bar

The no brainer breakfast on the run. My personal favorite bars for meal replacement are perfect bar and go macro- mostly because they are both full of superfoods, clean ingredients, and protein so they keep you full throughout the morning- and they taste great. I stock up on my favorite protein bars when they go on sale, because they can get pricey when you purchase them individually often. Places like vitacost, costco, and amazon are great ways to stock up on bars, especially if they have a long shelf life.

5. Smoothie

A lot of my patients love smoothies. If you are going to make a smoothie for breakfast then I recommend increasing fats and decreasing all the fruits/sugar. This way, you stay full throughout the morning. I have many smoothie recipes without tons of added sugars in the recipe section- my favorite swab is coconut chunks and avocado in place of fruit, big scoop of whey or vegan protein, lots of greens, and flax or chia seeds. I always use nut milks to blend! TIP: freeze bags of kale/spinach for smoothies, chop up fruit or veggies and freeze ahead as well.


6. PB/AB & Fruit

So simple! Apple + AB, banana + PB, whatever you want. You can’t say that you don’t have time for this.


7. Egg and bacon

Some quick greens, fried egg, clean bacon/sausage, and fruit.


8. Loaded Breakfast Potato

If you are a big fan of the breakfast potato then try roasting your potatoes whole and prepping them for breakfast. I cover mine with coconut oil, cut small slits throughout, and wrap in foil- roast high on 450-460 for 45-60 minutes. Then they are ready to eat, just throw them in the oven or microwave while you are getting ready to warm them back up- add toppings and bam! Favorite toppings: nut butter, fruit, seeds, yogurt, lots of cinnamon, grass fed butter.


9. Bullet Proof Coffee

Some mornings I just crave a big cup of frothy coffee and that’s it. No shame- you can make it more of a meal replacement buy adding collagen, ghee/grass fed butter, and coconut or MCT oil. It will fuel you longer than you think. I add stevia and some unsweet almond milk and blend in my ninja. Top with some cinnamon and turmeric. Don’t knock it until you try it! (1 scoop collagen, 1 tbs grass fed butter, 1-2 tsp coconut oil, almond milk and stevia to taste)


10. Yogurt

Yogurt is my personal favorite breakfast on the go. I add nut butter, granola, fruit. Be careful with the granola you choose though, some are really high in sugar and additives. My favorite brands: kitchfix, gr8nola, julians bakery paleo granola, purely elizabeth, love grown, and paleo passion granola. Favorite yogurt brands: Lifeway, siggis, fage, chobani, and stony field.