4 Tips for Mindful Eating

What is your relationship with food? How do you view food? Do you use food as a coping mechanism? Many folks today do struggle with their relationship with food. Today we want to share with you some tips on how to improve your relationship with food and help you break free from any unhealthy thoughts surrounding food you might have.

View Food As Fuel

You get one life with one body. Treat it appropriately. Think about your body as a fancy sports car. Would you try and fuel that sports car with cheap gas? I would hope not. The better quality the fuel, the better it performs. Same with your body. Fuel your body with the best quality food you can find… vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, eggs & meat!


Ever try and give up bread for good? What do you end up thinking about and craving every second of the day? BREAD! Limit foods like processed carbohydrates, sugar and alcohol, but feel free to enjoy these foods every now and again.


Maybe you splurge one night and eat a few too many chocolate chip cookies… DO NOT STRESS. Wake up the next morning, forget about it and strive for a healthy day. Eyes forward.


Try to be more in touch with your body. After you eat, recognize how you feel. If you do not feel awesome, maybe consider not eating those foods as often. If you feel energized and alert, consider eating more of those types of foods. Also pay attention to your TRUE hunger and try to only eat when you are hungry.