With our medical system these days, people are living longer than ever but with the declining health of Americans, quality of life in later years is unfortunately centered around pill organizers and doctors visits. Here are a few tips to help you live a long and HEALTHY life.

Keep Your Blood Sugar Steady

Every time we consume something high in sugar or something that breaks down like sugar in our bodies (processed bread, pasta, crackers, pretzels, cookies etc.) our blood sugar rises. After a short period, our blood sugar will drop and we will crave something high is sugar or carbs… and the cycle continues. Well, the latest research is showing that the fewer times in life that we send our blood sugar on this roller coaster ride, the longer we live. This means minimize things like sugar and processed carbs to help keep that blood sugar steady!


For most of human history, fasting has been a natural part of our existence. Not until very recently have people had [EASY] access to food at every minute of every day.  When we fast, we give the body an opportunity to channel energy towards healing itself versus digesting food. The process is called apoptosis. Think of it like a spring cleaning for the cells. For help with fasting for longevity, shoot health coach, Michelle Mudge, an email at michelle@sweatnetclt.com.


You probably all saw this coming as a key to longevity, but when it comes to exercise and longevity there are better forms of exercise versus others. According to Dr. Longo who has studied the Blue Zones of the world (places where people seem to live the longest), consistent exercise routines of low level to moderate exercise is key. He recommends simple forms of exercises like walking at a fast pace for an hour each day or riding or swimming for thirty to forty minutes each day. 

Manage Your Stress

Lower levels of stress are (unsurprisingly) linked to longer life spans. Some reminders on how to cope with life’s stressors:

  • Massages/Body work
  • Hot Bath
  • Ice Bath (or cold shower)
  • Acupuncture

Sleep Hygiene

Not only is getting 8-9 hours of sleep vitality important for longevity, the quality of that sleep is paramount. If possible, your bedroom should be COLD (66-67*F), DARK (black out curtains are a must), and free from electronics (including TV’s). For those that use your cell phone as an alarm, we recommending turning off the wifi and putting the phone on airplane mode at night.