Girl wearing CLT hat in Charlotte airport

5 Things You Need to Know Before You Travel

With the recent news that TSA is limiting powders through checkpoints, I recently found myself concerned about my travel staple. Now before I begin, the limit is 12oz of powder, or as Travel + Leisure reports, “about the size of a soda can.” That is quite of protein (about 11 single-serve packets), but they will be treated with similar procedures as liquids and are subject to the “allowance at the discretion of officers.” I also wear mineral makeup, so that could be placed under inspection if I pack too much protein.

I’m always up for a good challenge so now that my little carry-on powders aren’t a guarantee, or I can’t pack as much, I thought I’d share another set of Health Hacks for traveling. Some of them are food and beverage related, others are tips and insights that I hope help elevate your travels to make them the most comfortable and enjoyable…yes, even if it’s for work.

  1. Leggings + Blazer + Tank Top = Not quite dressed up, not quite sloppy, but just right. Hear me out. The blazer is a game-changer (I can see my boyfriend rolling his eyes). As I choose to carry-on, this usually means that I’m not carrying a purse. I have a very small purse that fits under my arm but sometimes it does get flagged and I have to stuff it into my bag. A blazer has three pockets. And do you know what a purse is? One large pocket. Stuff your card case, headphones, your charger, Motrin, gum…whatever you need to access quickly so you aren’t *that* person who is fumbling with their bag trying to find their ID.
  2. 2nd case-in-point for the blazer: you now have a jacket. Chances are, this is a great alternate to a coat and you don’t have to pack it. Hotels are cold AF. The AC is always blasting. Layers are incredibly important, so this will come in handy. Bonus points if you pack a lighter scarf.
  3. Hydration! Peeing on the plane sucks. I hated it before and I still don’t love it. BUT after security, grab a 1L water. I can’t always find electrolyte water, but PSA: Evian has a better pH than Smart Water…If you’ve got a 2-hour flight or less, don’t open it that bottle! Yet. soon as they ask you to power down your electronics for the decent, pop open that sucker and chug half of it. Upon landing, try to finish it. For mid-flight bevvie service, I opt for water-no ice or a can of sparkling Dasani Lime. If you didn’t know they serve sparkling Dasani lime on American, you’re welcome.
  4. Make your room your new home. Unplug the alarm clock or make sure that the alarm is turned off. You never know who had a 5 a.m. flight to catch in the room before you. I always pack my bathrobe to get ready and have special travel slippers that help the hotel room feel less like temp space. I also cannot sleep—on the road or not—insert another eye roll here—without my eye mask. This one is worth every cent.
  5. Find a Whole Foods! Have groceries delivered to your hotel using Instacart or another delivery-app. If you only pack a few protein packets to avoid the uncertainty of TSA, you can order single serve packets for the duration of your stay. I also have previously ordered a rotisserie chicken, and picked on that throughout the week as either part of my dinner or to supplement as a snack. You can also grab a few yogurts of choice to help with the mornings you need a grab and go. I also enjoy keeping one green juice on hand as well as a kefir, probiotic drink, or kombucha for days when my tummy might need some love. You can call the hotel ahead of time to inquire about fridge availability in the room. I haven’t been to a hotel in a long time that doesn’t have a fridge standard but if you have medicine that needs refrigerating you can request one.

Traveling is about preparing just enough to do the best you can with what you’ve got. Good is a baseline, better is next, and best is, well…we all know. We can’t always strive to be perfect, but we can strive to be best and choose what serves us…best. Remember, we find growth in scenarios and atmospheres that push us outside our comfort zone. Safe travels, my friends!