Loman Health Grocery Shopping Tips

6 Grocery Shopping Tips To Make The Most Out Of Your Next Trip

Grocery shopping can be a bit intimidating when you’re trying to switch to living a healthy lifestyle. I wanted to give away some of my secrets and tips for those looking to make the transition.

1) Buy food on the perimeter of the store

The majority of your shopping cart can be filled from produce, meat, fish, eggs, and dairy, which just so happen to be on the perimeter of the store. The middle aisles are filled with processed food items, which are usually loaded with high sugar content!

2) Buy organic or frozen produce

The “fresh” produce section in grocery stores unfortunately are heavily contaminated from the shipping/distribution process so by the time they arrive at the store they’ve been sprayed with a heavy dose of pesticides! I recommend you buy frozen because they flash freeze the produce right when they pick them for optimal nutrient content!

3) Don’t cheap out on your eggs

Pay up for your eggs, it’s well worth it! If I was stuck on an island and only had one food to live on, my first choice would be a high quality egg! Fun fact: Studies show that younger men should eat 3 eggs a day for maximum testosterone production!

4) FairLife Milk

This is the best milk I have personally found. It has 50% more protein than regular milk, and it has 50% less sugar!

5) Oikos Triple Zero Greek Yogurt

This is my personal favorite! It’s sweetened with stevia, has chicory root fiber (prebiotic) and 15 grams of protein per serving! Comes in a bunch of yummy, delicious flavors including: mixed berry, orange creme, coffee, coconut creme, peach, and cinnamon apple

6) Halo Top Ice Cream

For those sweet tooth out there, I do have the occasional sweet in the form of red velvet halo top ice cream! Very low calorie, high in protein and fiber, low in sugar. Probably your best “healthy” dessert option available