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bloc: More Than Fitness

What if there was a space that gave you all the ingredients you needed for a healthy day? From the moment you wake up — we provide the coffee, the sweat and the camaraderie. Transition into the workday with a pre-packaged nutritional breakfast, WiFi, hot showers & and a big family farm table to get your productivity on. Next up — that 4:00 feeling: we’ve got the kombucha, the recovery lounge and the evening sweats to take you home.

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We’ve hand-selected local brands to partner with and bring you the: coffee, kombucha, fitness, food, style, inspiration, and COMMUNITY.

BUILDING: We are the rock that’s hitting the water, rippling out into the community.

LIFESTYLE: Active, holistic, driven and authentic.

(ON) PEOPLE: Activate the space, by living the life.

COMMUNITY: As the people live the life, outside of the space, they make impact everywhere they go.

The need for connection and community is primal. We know there is immense power when a group of people with similar interests gets together to work toward the same goal. Let’s be vulnerable. Let’s develop a community that allows hard questions, genuine collaboration, honest conversation, and real connection to support transformation in one another. Let’s do it around a beautiful farm table sharing in a cup of coffee.

Photo: The Littlefield Co

Welcome to bloc. From our Masters to our Members, it’s a shared mindset: keep moving.

We would like to invite your authentic self to a space where you can let your guard down; sweat, sip, recover, connect and truly develop your authentic self. So, what all do we offer besides the platform for relationship-building?


An intense functional strength training program involving various boxing combos, explosive weighted movements, plyometrics, and primal movement patterns (push; pull; hinge; squat; lunge; twist; gait). Each workout is designed to target all major muscle groups and provide you with a cardiovascular challenge.

An intense functional strength training program without the boxing. Build endurance combining innovative and functional strength training (all the primal movements) and intense cardio.

A blend of SMR (self myofascial release) techniques designed to keep the body moving optimally through the release of trigger points, improved range of motion, and increased flexibility.
*We also offer Air Relax recovery boot appointments (book through the app)

Energy washes over you in this class. The moves, music and instructors induce momentum that lasts. Dance-inspired cardio paired with hip-hop music gets your body moving in new ways and working muscles you didn’t know existed – we don’t do boring. Shake off the calories and join the big, sweaty, dance party.

‘Kula’ is a sanskrit word which means “intentional community; the feeling that life is best when shared.” You can expect a dynamic, fast paced, and playful vinyasa class. You will be challenged mentally and physically; while building strength, flexibility, and mindfulness. This is an opportunity for us to cocreate, inspire and uplift each other, and celebrate our own rhythm and life force through vinyasa-inspired ashtanga yoga. Allow this yoga practice to be your “kula” where you can cultivate and discover true happiness, connection, and unity on and off the mat.

Dubbed the original power yoga, The Rocket is a set of routines based off the Ashtanga Primary and Intermediate Series. Created by Larry Schultz, the dynamic Rocket routines are designed to build strength and flexibility and leave the body charged with energy. It is for students of all levels who want to be challenged in a playful, accessible way.

Photo: The Littlefield Co

Born and raised in Davidson, North Carolina, Summit Coffee Co. is a Certified Organic roaster + retailer focusing on small-lot coffees sourced intentionally from around the world. Coffee driven and community focused, they value relationships from farm to cup. Their sourcing team includes a certified Q-grader, an SCA-certified roaster and an SCA-certified barista. By the time their coffee leaves the oasting lab, whether it’s on the way to one of their three cafes or to one of our wholesale partners around the globe (ahem, Bloc), it’s as good as coffee gets.
We brew Summit daily and sell by the cup.

UpDog Kombucha is a kombucha microbrewery based out of Winston-Salem, NC. They brew and produce high quality, small-batch kombucha that is flavored with whole fruits, herbs, and roots. With these natural and organic flavorings, you don’t need to worry about sneaky ingredients or additives. Their kombucha is simple, natural, and flavorful without relying on added sugars. It also contains naturally occurring prebiotics, probiotics, antioxidants, and enzymes that promote digestive and overall health.
We offer 2 flavors on tap.

Raw, cold pressed and local. They source local and organic ingredients from farmers they know and partners that they trust. Their mission is to empower your greatness by making our fresh juices and superfood smoothies as convenient to you as possible.
We offer a variety of GB smoothies.

Drop in – or dropped off – Chop & Chisel is on a mission to bring healthy eating home. With a convenient weekly delivery service and a centrally-located grab & go shop, their nutritious, chef-inspired heat & eat meals are ready when you are. The recipe for a full life starts with what’s on your plate, so let us help you do life better.
We are home to an open-air fridge that houses a variety of breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner options to be enjoyed at our space or to take with you.

Come join the bloc party. Crashers welcome.
2400 Park Road Suite A | Charlotte, NC | 28203

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