Child at Heart

‘The kid in me,’ ‘I’m a child at heart,’ ‘I’ll never grow up.’ All common phrases we use to refer to the inner youth we identify within ourselves. For many of us however, some reasons we hold on to moments of our youth can be due to a traumatic or painful experience. Sometimes the child within us is seeking some attention indirectly so we can acknowledge our truths to step into our adult version.

Inner child healing has been a huge component of my own personal healing and something I use when called on for clients. We emotionally develop in profound ways within the first 3 years of our life, while up to about age 18, we continue to define our perspective through conditioning by experiences. The neural network of the brain forms a specific pathway depending on what’s presented to us, so going forward we automatically respond to situations based on our history. For most of us, there are healthy responses and some unhealthy ones, too. Reversing some of the unhealthy ones to improve our physical health and relationships can take time, but the value and peace that follows is indescribable.

Whether it be due to being made fun of on the playground when you were nine, not getting the attention you needed when you cried as a baby, or getting your heart broken as a teenager after your first real relationship, inner child healing can help. Even the smallest incidences make a huge impact depending on how or what emotions carried forward into adulthood. When these emotions are not acknowledged or left buried under the rug, they can come out as codependency, jealously, secondary gains, manipulation… you name it!

When we vibrate with these lower energies, we call them into our environment and often validate ourselves with relationships that mimic the same. If we take the time to heal these characteristics however, we can then draw in healthier environments that will fulfill us and sustain us in the ways that our soul truly desires. And most importantly, we can fulfill and sustain ourselves more sufficiently.

Embracing a childlike heart should be a priority in all of our lives. It’s full of joy, happiness, pure intentions and love. Being aware of when this inner child might be acting out is also important. This allows us the ability to pave the way back to that purity and offer a healthy environment to our hard earned adult self. What’s the kid in you trying to say? What does he or she need?

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