A lot of you know, I am not much of a barre girl. The tiny movements and high reps for total muscle fatigue is one of those things that my brain struggles to accept. But once again, I found myself on the mat ACTUALLY enjoying class. We dropped into Brie’s class and HOLY ENERGY. This woman brings a whole different kind of electric spark that makes this workout fly by and makes sure you leave it all on the mat. Although she did her best to keep things PG for us her acknowledgment of the not so PG thoughts and curse words going through my head kept a smile on my face and kept me working.

FlyBarre is unique in that the muscle groups you burn through only last as long as the song does. THIS is amazing (for me) because I can tell when we’re wrapping up burning out one muscle group based on the music. Much like Flywheel’s spin classes, Flywheel’s Barre classes are choreographed to the beat of each song. Sculpting your body from the inside out, we focused on burning out our core and then moved through arms, legs, booty to finish off with more core.

Brie did an amazing job setting us up and leading us through class. Even the transitions from muscle group to muscle group flowed easily and naturally. I also love all the different pieces of equipment (balls, bands, weights in ways I’ve never even thought to use them!) we got to utilize in one class. It took my mind off the shake and kept me pulsing for more!

Sharing the Flywheel Charlotte studio space, Flybarre is tucked inside and boasts the same amenities as the spin studio (check out what those are here). Although they are in the same space, FlyBarre IS its own studio and a separate membership. Offering classes at almost every hour of the day, you’re bound to find one that works with your schedule.

Checkout FlyBarre website here!