Embrace the Process

Rolling into March now, the new year resolutions aren’t buzzing as much as they were a few months back… but since then, I’ve had some time to reflect. Those of you reading this article I’m going to assume are interested/involved in fitness and physical activity on some level. I’m also going to assume you are likely a goal-oriented, self-motivated, driven individual. And if that is the case, there is a good chance you continuously have a very similar internal battle when chasing your goals as I do.

Goal setting is essential in staying focused and motivated throughout the year. The challenge of setting out to achieve higher results than the ones you just accomplished is almost an addictive feeling. We all know the feeling when you get super motivated and inspired, you almost get tunnel vision because your sight is so set on your end goal. This is a great thing, right? Totally—but, there is a fine line between grinding relentlessly towards achieving your goals and remembering to embrace the process and enjoy where you are in the present moment.

I quickly found myself in a vicious cycle after setting my goals for the year. I was working super hard to continue to build a life and a career I’m passionate about (by setting goals, grinding to achieve them, chasing a passion/dream—whatever is it) only to realize sometimes I’m not actually present enough to enjoy the life I’m working so hard to build. This happens a lot personally, and I notice how completely counterproductive it can be.

When you’re a highly motivated individual, you’re always thinking about the next best thing, the next goal you can achieve, how you can get better and how you can do more. It’s such an awesome mindset to have, but sometimes it takes control and it can be a bit overwhelming. We often get so caught up in where we’re going and forget to embrace the baby steps throughout the journey.

Here are 3 things I’ve learned to continuously remind myself to help me find fulfillment in the process during the grind to the end goal.

  1. Stop & rest
    1. Plain and simple… (but not always easy).
  2. Surrender the need to control
    1. Whether you’re surrendering to God’s greater plan, the universe, a higher power… whatever it may be. FYI-surrendering control does not mean you’re giving up!!!
  3. Remember why you started
    1. Chances are there is a much bigger purpose behind the goal you have set out to achieve. Remember why you started and notice how far you’ve come.

I could write a novel about each of the points above, but at the end of the day the message (to myself and to you) is this: Tomorrow is not a guarantee. This is it. Don’t set your sights so far on the goals ahead that you forget to enjoy the very moment that you are in right now.