How FlyWheel Made Me Enjoy Cycling Again

Growing up I always loved riding a bike, but as I got older, and started driving, I slowly stopped riding my bike.  As a result, my love for the (cycling) game fell to the wayside.  As I got older, I would simply avoid a bike whenever I saw one, especially at the gym.  Then, when I lived in NYC (about fifteen years ago) cycling became the fitness craze, and cycle studios were popping up everywhere.  I tried SoulCycle many a times and still, I just couldn’t get back into the cycle game.  The classes seemed so complicated, and I couldn’t keep up.  That just left me even more against it.  I thought it was the end forever….until I recently tried FlyWheel.

First off, let me tell you that FlyWheel is not your average cycle studio.  Its classes are nothing like I have ever done.  What makes FlyWheel so special, you ask?  Well, I’d be happy to tell you.

Five reasons why I fell in love with cycling at FlyWheel:

It’s all about the TechPack – each bike comes equipped with a small monitor (they call it a TechPack) to show your performance as you ride. What that means is you can always see your RPMs (speed) and Torq (resistance), plus your Total Power (a number based on said RPMs and Torq) throughout the cycle.  I LOVE IT!

Teachers that rock – the teachers consistently guide you along the ride by telling you what range your RPMS and Torq should be at. For me it gave me something to strive for, while also providing me with a base of where to be.  How cool is this?

Amphitheater seating – ya, this is sweet. I mean riding without being on top of another rider…ummm yes please.  Or shall I say, nobody else’s sweat please

Large LED screens (TorqBoards) – Want to see how you are doing against your fellow riders? Perhaps you want to partake in a little friendly competition?  Enter the TorqBoard.  This shows your total Power Score and ranks it against the rest of the class.  Don’t like the sound of this?  Not to worry!  This is completely optional, so you can simply opt in or out of being on the board.

The Dashboard – After your ride, all of your cycle data goes into your dashboard on your profile page (on the website). What this means is that you can see your average speed, calories burned, average and max of both your Torq and RPMs, etc.  It allows you to see your results in order to set goals for your next class.  What’s not to love?

Ok ok, I know I said 5, but I had to add in the fact that I bumped into Ms. SweatNetClt herself, Grace, in a recent class. Who doesn’t love a surprise workout with a friend?  I mean isn’t part of SweatNET about building a fitness community?  And just like that, it’s clearly happening.

And there you have it, my five (well six really) reasons for loving cycling classes at FlyWheel.  So go checkout a class for yourself, or better yet, let me know when you want to go and I would LOVE to meet you there!

Editor’s note: As a SweatNet member, you receive exclusive drop in rates to FlyWheel.