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We didn’t create the community, we just made it easier to come together.

Are you looking for your next adventure? Wanting to make some great connections, meet new people, and hit up some seriously fun events? Save $ at local wellness spots, including spas, restaurants, and self-care businesses? Welcome to SweatNET!

With our $9.95/mo membership, our goal is to help you live your best life through through affordable and accessible fitness + wellness experiences. Members can take advantage of free / discounted monthly events, local content featuring our awesome community, meditations, exclusive deals & discounts with +100 local businesses, and nutritious recipes.

We strive to provide you with not only a variety of workouts—but also a sense of community, empowerment, and connection.

Join us at our next FREE event.

Gain access to 4-8 free or discounted monthly events hosted by SweatNET. Connect with local studios & instructors, try something new, explore the city, and join the fun!

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Whether you’re looking to try a new workout, save around town at local businesses, network & meet new friends, or stream a workout from home–SweatNET’s goal is to bring people together, build community, & help you find your fit!

We Love Our Community

"So impactful to my wellness journey.

It has provided me the opportunity to try all of the various fitness classes/studios + connect with people who are focused on improving their health."

Laketa A. | Grand Rapids

"SweatNET gives me a unique opportunity

to try different gyms and studios at discounted rates. Between the free events and discounts that are included with my membership it ultimately pays for itself! I highly recommend everyone giving SweatNET a try!"

Steve M. | Grand Rapids

"The wife and I have been members since the beginning.

It’s an amazing value for what you get! Free events, drop-in discounts at some of the best boutique gyms around GR and great content on all of their social media platforms. Can’t recommend them highly enough!"

Ben M. | Grand Rapids

"Totally awesome!

Workout with some of the best instructors + wellness pros around GR! The instructor Valerie was intentional, she enjoys what she does, her workouts are motivational, and she works every part of the body."

Adrian W. | Grand Rapids

"Looking for friends?

Join the FUN and be a part of this wonderful community! It’s more than just a monthly membership— it becomes your “ME” time.”

Anonymous | Grand Rapids

"SweatNET is what helped turn my life around for the better...

I've been able to try out new gyms, I get discounts at foodie places, FREE events with dope vendors, and even use the online meditation sessions. I've met a lot of friends through SweatNET & connect w/ the best people doing awesome stuff!"

Mel T. | Grand Rapids

"SweatNET is a top notch business...

and I'm so grateful they're established in Grand Rapids. Since Covid-19, SweatNET has continued to be my saving grace with their streaming service so I can still get incredible workouts at home. And for only $10 a month!? You're crazy not to give it a shot."

Alicia H. | Grand Rapids

"Being a SweatNET member has been such a game changer.

I get to save $$ at tons of local businesses around GR & connect with like minded people while getting fit. Anonymous | Grand Rapids

Join SweatNET for only $9.95/mo.

No long term commitments. Cancel at any time without penalty.