Halotherapy: from its beginnings to now

What is Halo (Salt) Therapy and where does it come from?

Halotherapy (Halo, the Greek word for salt) first came to light in the mid-1800s when, Felix Bochkovsky, a Doctor and health official in Poland made the observation that salt mine workers rarely suffered from colds, respiratory ailments or lung diseases. Bochkovsky keenly observed workers inhaling dry salt micro-particles on a daily basis. Salt is naturally anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial. Knowing this, he theorized inhaling the aerosol on a consistent basis was the cause for their incredible respiratory health improvement. This led to Bochkovsky opening the first treatment center in salt caves.
During WWII, Russian civilians would hide in salt caves from bombing raids. As well, they noticed the improvement of upper respiratory ailments and relief from asthma and allergies. In addition to the lungs and upper respiratory system improvement, skin ailments such as psoriasis and eczema improved.

Why does skin improve?

There are two answers: 1. The micro particles of salt physically landing on the skin, have an anti-inflammatory effect, thus reducing the symptoms. 2. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is known that the lungs are connected to the skin. When the lungs are healthy it helps maintain the skin’s ability to protect from outside pathogens as well as keeping the skin looking and feeling healthy. This provides us with an internal/external relationship between the lungs and skin.

Where can I get Halotherapy today?

Unfortunately most of us do not live anywhere near a natural salt cave, and if we did we most likely wouldn’t have the time to consistently utilize the benefits. The invention of Halogenerators in the late 80’s early 90’s in Europe and Russia led the way bringing Halotherapy to the masses. A Halogenerator crushes up Pharmaceutical grade salt into a microscopic dry aerosol and blows it into a ‘Salt Room’ or ‘Salt Cave’. The Salt Pad is set up to mimic the environment you would typically find in a real salt cave: dry, cool, and plenty of salt aerosol.

How can I be sure I am getting the real Halotherapy?

Ask! Halotherapy is quickly becoming the fastest natural go-to treatment for asthma, allergies, sinusitis, respiratory infections, bronchitis, colds, coughs, and skin conditions. Because of this, many health spas are rushing to market to capitalize on the benefits. Slapping Himalayan salt bricks, stones, and rocks in a room does not qualify as a halotherapy treatment center. Make sure to ask if they use a halogenerator. It is the dry salt aerosol made from the halogenerator that makes the difference. Without it, the most you will be getting is a relaxing nap (which is therapeutic in and of itself!). At The Salt Pad we utilize a state of the art Halogenerator for our Adult and Kids room.

What is the best way to reap the benefits of Halotherapy?

Salt therapy has a cumulative effect. The more consistent you are, the better your results. Chronic conditions don’t develop or disappear overnight. You don’t heal injured muscles after one Physical Therapy session so don’t expect to breathe 100% better after one salt session. It is only natural for “natural” therapies to take a little time to receive maximum results. It is recommended that chronic respiratory or skin sufferers get sessions twice a week over a period of time. Some taper off and then do maintenance. Those with acute issues such as sinus infection, ear infection, or a head cold are recommended to come in 3-5 consecutive sessions until symptoms subside.

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