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With the SweatNET membership you will be given access to attend events for free, meet new instructors who fit your styles, professionals who can help you recover and more. Discover new studios. Learn new skills with people just like you. SweatNET provides the resources to support your health journey with a community of incredible members to keep you motivated.

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Weekly events

As a SweatNET member you get access to all of the events that we host for FREE. There is no limit, in fact, we want you to come to every single one. SweatNET also co-hosts events with partners where you will receive exclusive discounts. 

Our events include a little bit of everything and a lottle bit of fun. You can expect outdoor workouts, wellness activities and retreats, guided meditation, our own proprietary silent-disco (DropSound) classes, education and we promise you lots of opportunities for glitter and bodypaint. 



Studio & Partner deals

We want you to save money. Who like paying full price anyway? Your SweatNET membership give you access to exclusive deals at over 500 businesses. These deals include discounts off of class-packs, merchandise discounts, membership discounts and BOGO deals. Oh yeah, we also partner with food and beverage to get you discounts on your favorite recovery or pre-workout treats.

We would love to list all of our partners right here, but that list is way too big. Click here and browse for yourself! 

Members only access

This means a lot of things. SweatNET members get a lot of sweet and special treatment. This sometimes means private invites to closed events in the community, preview classes at studios that haven’t opened yet, or free use of the additional features that SweatNET in your city may be offering like biometric screening or festival access! 

Classes On Demand

Join your favorite local instructors bringing the sweat right to your living room. We don’t think you should ever replace the in-studio experience for digital, but this is a great way to try out new studios or instructors before stepping into the studio space. Going on a business trip? Simply use the streaming library to keep sweating even on the road. 

Digital downloads

Every SweatNET member is given access to our entire digital library. This includes FREE yoga adventure classes, FREE guided runs, FREE nutrition guides, FREE approved recipes and more! We are constantly making new and exciting content for our members to enjoy with us or from the comfort of their own homes. The best part is that ALL of our digital content is produced my local instructors who you then can visit in studio!


It's really this fun...

Still have questions?

No sweat. We have answers.

You can browse our events here. When you find one that looks interesting to you simply “purchase” a ticket and show up! If you are logged in, the ticket price for your event should be $0.00!

Almost all of the events that SweatNET hosts are free for SweatNET members and a fee for general public. However, some of our events like “Yoga and Mimosas” have additional fees to cover…well..the drinks. 

You can browse studio deals here. When you find the business that has a deal you like, there will be a coupon in the top of the page. Simply follow those instructions to redeem. Some businesses will provide a coupon code, while others will only need to see the coupon on your screen. Just be sure to read the coupon instructions. 

Ugh. We hate this, but cancelling can be done with one-click in your my-account. There is no contract and no cancellation fee. 

Your friends are always welcome but we ask that they purchase a ticket for themselves. Please do not purchase “free” tickets for your friends – we will validate membership at check in. 

get all of it for only $9.95/mo

there is no commitment or contract. what are you waiting for?

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Different ages, goals, shapes & sizes

SweatNET is for everyone. We don’t care if you can’t do a pushup or if you can do 500. Your health is important to us and you are family at any SweatNET affiliated studio or event

We want to know your name so when you show up to your next event we can put glitter and bodypaint on and take a selfie. We group selfies. 

sweatnet solstice yoga

It's hard not to smile when you sweat with us 📸

get all of it for only $9.95/mo

there is no commitment or contract. what are you waiting for?

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What people are saying 📢

SweatNET has been so impactful to my wellness journey. It has provided me the opportunity to try all of the various fitness classes/studios around Grand Rapids and connect with people who are focused on improving their health. I won a Pilates membership through SweatNET and I also discovered my coach at Motive Training through SweatNET. They make fitness accessible, affordable, and fun.
Laketa Alexander
Sweatnet Grand Rapids
This group is a really fun thing. I have never really done yoga before, but since I started doing Sweatnet, I have seen that it can be a really good way to enjoy a workout. I did the SeaLife Aquarium yoga through this group which was a super cool experience. They are all very nice and supportive, and I appreciate that they let a beginner like me practice with people who are very experienced.
Tim Edwards
Sweatnet Charlotte
The wife and I have been members since the beginning. It’s an amazing value for what you get! Free events, drop-in discounts at some of the best boutique gyms around Charlotte and great content on all of their social media platforms. Can’t recommend them highly enough for anyone looking to grow their network within the Local fitness community..
Ben Makla
Sweatnet Nashville
I absolutely LOVE SweatNET! It is so fun to try new and exciting workouts each week! It really gets you out of your comfort zone! Thanks so much for all the discounts and free classes!
Kelly Moore
SweatNET Seattle
SweatNET is such an amazing community to bring people together to stay active and always trying new things! I would give more than 5 stars if I could
Amy Carol
Sweatnet Tampa Bay
LOVE that this promotes local businesses in an affordable way! I've gotten to try so many different fitness studios and restaurants that I wouldn't have otherwise. I also love the community SweatNET promotes! It's only $10/month, there are literally no downsides to joining--you won't regret it!
Christine Cerniglia
SweatNET Greenville

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Community Building

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Free Recipes & Bio-metric body assessments for members.

Streaming Content

Om at home with free class recordings & meditations.

*event count may vary from city to city and is dependent on weather/availability. 

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