Kinetic Heights: Offering More Than Just Obstacle Courses

We popped into a class at Kinetic Heights with Sarah Pay. Here’s what we learned!

Classes Offered

  1. Family + Youth classes

2. Youth Parkour/Ninja Classes

3. Flow


– Childcare Options: $20/month unlimited package, $5 child/session Drop-in

Skill Level

Beginner to advanced; All Levels

Class Size

Up to 50 People


45-60 Minutes

Equipment Needed / Attire

A water bottle and comfortable workout clothes you can sweat in.


Kinetic Heights is a family-oriented studio. They are unique because there are many activities and classes kids can be involved in while you’re working out or camps while you’re at work. Making it the best experience for you and your family.

On First Glance

Located in the middle of the Crest on Providence apartments, Kinetic Heights in the Providence Square Shopping Center. It’s placed in between Gleiberman’s Kosher Mart & Restaurant and The Charlotte Squash Club. An abundance of parking surrounds it, so parking is no problem. Checking in is sweet and simple at the entrance, the staff at the front desk checks you in and you then walk straight into the lobby area. There are tables available, restrooms, and refrigerators with snack and drinks for sale. The layout in the studio is one of a kind, there are rope courses, rock walls, parkour obstacles, and workout equipment.

The Workout

The workout is a boot camp style/circuit training group exercise. The exercises included dumbbell squats, Kettlebell swings, wall balls, and push-ups.

fit woman kettlebell swings at kinetic heights

The workout was fifteen minutes long and we did as many rounds of those moves as possible. After the workout, we finished with a deep stretch. The workout was intense and challenging yet effective. You sure do feel the soreness the next day.

With up to fifty people attending the class, you never feel like you’re working out alone. With hip-hop music playing I felt energized. Even though it’s never a competition, I always felt the need to push myself a little more working out next to someone and listening to great music.

The Community / Instructors

Sarah Pay and the instructors at Kinetic Heights are kind and supportive. I saw many instructors working with the kids at the camps and classes throughout the studio the whole time. Many high fives and supportive love to the children and adults.

group of fitness people working out at kinetic heights charlotte

They have classes for kids in order to give them a safe and fun environment to exercise in. As well as with the adult classes, being able to watch your child in the other room provides a piece of mind. With great coaches for you and your child, fun equipment, and bumping music, there no other place than Kinetic Heights Charlotte.

kid climbing warped wall at kinetic heights charlotte

Be sure to check out Kinetic Heights and don’t forget to use your SweatNET membership for a discount!