Spoiler alert: your dream life, home, career, relationships, vacation all exist and they
are waiting for you to wake up to your greatness and discover them now.
Oh, and you do not have to choose just one, but all.


Great, that is step one. And if you have never heard of life coaching before, I’m SO
glad you are here. If you have, well, I am ready to clarify and confirm what is actually
possible in leaning into an empowering relationship with a coach and stepping into
the spotlight of your own life. It is the next step in your well-being evolution.
You see the truth is, having a life or career coach and going to workout are parallel
objectives: it is a space where we can go to be our authentic selves, to be fully heard
and be seen, to connect to our strength and badass powers, to unwind or release, and
to feel empowered and inspired by ourselves.

What if the only thing missing between being an avid fitness guru and living the
dream life was a conversation? Would you do it?

For me, my journey into self-awareness and manifesting my best life began on my
yoga mat. At the time, I was working a cool corporate job with the NFL and I had
always wanted to work in sports. I was traveling, interviewing professional athletes,
writing and producing television, being creative, but something was still missing.
Family members would brag about my job all the time, at dinners, and ask me to
share stories but I never wanted to talk about my adventures and I did not have any
pride in what I was creating. It became apparent I was not in the right place. I
wanted to find out my true calling or life purpose, but had doubts that it even
existed. I thought that my unhappiness at work was related to my failure as a human
being to ever be content.

But I kept showing up on my mat and eventually the voices in my heart became so
strong that I decided to cut all 401K strings loose and take a leap of faith. I quit the
NFL and moved to Charlotte to become a yoga teacher and be with my boyfriend of
three years long distance dating. I was working as a waitress, taking classes,
studying, and not answering anyone’s questions about what the hell I was doing. In
retrospect, I really did not know I would become a life coach at that time, but I did
have this intuitive feeling that by opening my heart and trusting it more and more, I
would understand the direction I was meant to go.

Fast-forward two years, and here we are. I am passionate and fulfilled in my career
as a wellness entrepreneur, have a lovely home and relationship, get paid to take dreamy photos and adventures, and mostly I am VERY excited to share one of my
true secrets to happiness (life hacks if you will) with you all. And that is
coaching. So all of you undercover creatives, light workers, entrepreneurs, healers, miracle
workers, I invite you to listen to the calling. I encourage you to value what your
heart is telling you over the mind (which by the way, turns on us all the time when it
gets scared) and turn your passion into a vision. We are happiest when we are
sharing our true gifts, when we become artists of the soul.

A lot of the time I hear life coaching come up as a joke, ‘so and so needs a life coach,’
chuckling, as if it is something purely for crazy people with problems. Well, it could
be that, (hint: the modern mind is indeed crazy) AND it could actually be the key to
success, fulfillment, and joy on top of an already good life. We do not need to be
broken to benefit from coaching; we just need a desire to get the most out of life.
For me, coaching is the key to self-empowerment and personal growth. It is getting
the chance to get real, creative, and fearless with your life, and having someone
stand for you and your desires when the roads get scary. It is hearing yourself speak
and noticing where you are creating a reality that is not in alignment with your
truth. It is taking the conversations we have on our yoga mats or in the studio or
gym, and giving them energy to move us forward in an even bigger way. It is
becoming an artist and designer of the good life.

If this speaks to you,
yes you,
you know where to find me.
We should talk, ya know.