Life Lessons

I’ve spent a good portion of my life never feeling good enough, smart enough, strong enough, beautiful enough or worthy enough of everything I wanted in my life. But, like everyone else going through the roller coaster of life I was able to see the GOOD, beauty and excitement that all life has to offer. I recently made a list of things I’ve learned and hung it on my mirror to remind me of everyday. I believe above all else empowering, inspiring and loving others are the key components to a happy life. These lessons and reminders have helped shaped me and create the foundation on how I aspire to live my life.

  • Never let anyone make you feel like you don’t deserve what you really want in life
  • Being smart is attractive. Stay up to date on current events and news/events that are happening around you
  • It’s ok to end friendships and relationships that don’t challenge, support, encourage or inspire you
  • No matter how crazy or far out a dream, or goal may seem to you, say it out loud, really believe in it then go after it with all your heart
  • You’ll regret the chances you didn’t take, the words you didn’t say and the adventures you didn’t take
  • Fear and doubt are liars
  • Never settle for anything less than the best in anything and everyone
  • Work hard in everything you do
  • Find a hobby and healthy habit to consume your time, there is so much beauty and excitement in this world
  • Travel and explore as much as possible
  • Start each day with a grateful heart; grateful to be alive, and for everything you have
  • Collect moments not things
  • Take care of yourself; mind, body and soul
  • Laugh as much as possible
  • Be the friend/person that you would want in your life
  • Forgive and let go of the past because there is nothing you can do about it once a moment happens but never forget
  • Pray everyday. God made you with a perfect image in mind and has a plan greater for your life than you could ever imagine. He is and wants to be your best friend and will never let you go. You are his and you are PERFECT and loved more than you will ever know
  • Be proud of who you are, don’t ever be ashamed of the way you look, we all have insecurities
  • Never judge anyone because you never know what they are going through
  • Give your time to others
  • Alopecia is what I have but it’s not who I am. Bald truly is beautiful
  • Truly listen to people and always show up when you can. Presence is always greater than presents
  • Life and everything you have is a gift, never forget that
  • Know your worth and never forget..YOU ARE ENOUGH

A special note to everyone who builds others up, believes in, encourages, cheers on and supports others in this crazy journey called life. I am thankful to be surrounded by some pretty amazing people, and have experienced some pretty incredible moments in life I will never forget that have truly shaped me.