3 Benefits to Outdoor Exercise

3 Benefits to Outdoor Exercise

Do you find yourself feeling cooped up inside staring at your devices all day and night? Whether you’re already back to work in the office or are still working from home, a lot of time is spent inside during the week. Adding exercise to your daily routine is so important, even more so, adding outdoor exercise to your life can have major benefits to your overall well-being.

Here are 3 reasons why you should consider adding outdoor exercise to your routine:

You’ll push yourself harder
A change of scenery is good for your mental health
Different training for your body

Working out outside can test your limits and capabilities. With the frequent changes in your environment surrounding your workout, you will be pushed in a different way than training inside and where you’re comfortable. Outside training can also be a great way to get away from your desk or office and take your mind off everything you do indoors daily. This can be anything from a walk with the dog or the kids, a bike ride, or park workout. Outside training may also involve working out on concrete, grass, trails, turf, etc, and can help keep you body in the best shape by changing up the environment you train in/on. Outside workouts create another challenge in itself by forcing you to adjust to your surroundings and the terrain you are working out on.

As an athlete who plays on all different types of fields for games (turf, grass, astroturf, etc), it’s extremely important for my body to have training on various types of grounds and environments. I have found throughout quarantine that I need a good mix of indoor and outdoor training in order to keep my body at the highest standard. Getting fresh air outside helps me so much mentally as well.

Challenge yourself to add in an outdoor workout this week! Some ways you can do so with SHED:

1. Refer to our older Instagram posts with #SUNDAYSPRINT agility workouts you can do outside at a park or trail.

2. Bring your iPAD, laptop, or phone outside for your virtual workouts with SHED this week. Give yourself the change of scenery you need.

3. Join SHED in a FREE outdoor class on Saturday morning at Motivation at the Station at 7 AM.

SHED Fitness has partnered with Hilliard Recreation and Parks for an additional 8 weeks of Motivation at the Station where you have the opportunity to join us outdoors on Thursday and Saturday mornings at 7 AM at Hilliard Station Park. There are also a series of outdoor classes being added to the roster in September:

SPF 50: Sunday, September 6th with Kelly

Crooked Can Burn & Brew: Sunday, September 13th and 27th with Brittany

Be sure to get outside and put your mental and physical wellness at the top of the list this week!

Lindsay Epstein

SHED Columbus Marketing Intern
Lindsey Epstein, Shed Fitness Marketing Intern