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Aikane Burnell

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Aikane Burnell




My name is Aikane, pronounced (I-Con-Nee).  Super unique and super Hawaiian name I know lol.  I’ve always been around fitness my entire life; starting with an athletic background as a kid, then constant training around the clock in the United States Army.  Thats where I started to find my passion in learning the science behind “how our body works” and leading others into a healthier lifestyle.  Although I am a little older now (we’ll just say thats me being wiser), I left my military life in 2018 to pursue my true passion as a Personal/Group Fitness Trainer.  Eat the Frog Charlotte gave me my first opportunity to Coach live sessions.  Mixing the group training aspect with a personal experience was the perfect opportunity for me to display my knowledge and love for helping people reach their fitness goals.  I am also a personal trainer in my local area of Gastonia, North Carolina at HiTone Fitness.  Although I feel like I am an elite trainer, I am just getting started and constantly learning to perfect my craft.

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Eat The Frog Fitness - Charlotte, Metropolitan Avenue, Charlotte, NC, USA