Burn Boot Camp Grand Rapids- Legs and Plyo Superset with Glute Burnout Finisher

An intense 45 minutes of body weight strength and plyometic exercises to get your heart rate up and your legs on fire! This is one example of workouts provided to members of Burn Boot Camp Grand Rapids while we are practicing social distancing.  Looking for more? We offer a FREE 14 Day Test Drive- visit https://burnbootcamp.com/locations/grand-rapids-mi/ to sign up for your FREE 2 weeks!

Live camps on Zoom offered at 5a, 7a, 8a, 12p, 4p, and 6p. We record the 5a camp each day and add it to our library for you to access anytime, and there is a national Burn workout each day at 9am. We also have virtual game nights, coffee hours, kids camps, yoga and more- all included in your FREE trial!

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