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Christie Quirante

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Hello there!!!

My name is Christie Quirante and I am a Nashville-native that is in LOVE with life and fitness. I am a life coach and I help people transform their fear into energy to power their life and business. I have been in the fitness industry for over a decade and I love what the industry has provided for people. I have my Masters in Exercise Science and Nutrition (which I love to use in my life coaching) and I ran a very successful kickboxing studio in Nashville. Now, I work as a life coach and I love to share my knowledge in fitness and explore all the new varieties out there.

Nashville is a booming city with so many different places opening up, from yoga studios to sweat pods. And I am all for it! I’m honored to be an ambassador of SweatNET because I think it is an amazing community to not only try new places, but be around people that are like-minded. If you are wanting/needing a workout buddy or if you would like to chat about life, I’m your girl!

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Nashville, TN