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Healthy shakes and energizing teas!



At CLT Nutrition you can find over 90 flavors of healthy meal replacement shakes. All our shakes are 250 calories or less, 24g of protein, less than 9g of sugar, and are all made from water and ice which makes our shakes less than 1 % of dairy. Our normal shakes are a soy protein with a tiny amount of whey protein. We do offer vegetarian protein and whey protein. We also serve energizing teas that contain 85mg of caffeine that burn 80-100 calories and also come with a shot of aloe. The tea is going to help break down the protein inside the shake than you body doing it itself. The aloe is going to help digest it. It is two seperate drinks: shake and tea!

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CLT Nutrition, 3917 South Blvd, Charlotte, NC, USA