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Jen’s program offers you every tool you will need to take your fitness to the next level and/or train for an obstacle course or running race.  Through a base cost, each day of the week is programmed to provide you with a workout tailored for each specific day.  Jen has partnered with Crossfit Mecklenburg, Inner Peaks, and used her own background in running to phase individuals into a perfect blend of cardio and strength.  Your set weekly schedule is listed below:


Sunday (group run) – Long steady state endurance trail run
Monday (on your own)  – At home strength workout.
Tuesday 6 PM – Speed or hill training workout
Wednesday 6 PM – Cross Conditioning workout (location varies)
Thursday (on your own) – Easy Run/Cross Training Day.
Friday (on your own) – Recovery Day
Saturday 11:00 AM – Cross Conditioning workout (location varies)


Each 12-week program is geared towards preparing all fitness levels to complete or improve performance.  Whether it is your goal to complete a race or not, this program is particularly designed to make you a more balanced individual.  When we say balanced, we mean a more conditioned, functional human.  In the process this indirectly builds self efficacy and empowerment.

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