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Donna Hoang



HEYOOO! My name is Donna and I am SO excited to sweat and connect with you all! 

Some words to describe who I am would be: a nurse, wannabe foodie, iced latte addict, dog mom, fitness junkie, and stretchy pants enthusiast!

My love for the health/wellness industry began several years ago when I worked for Lululemon. While I enjoyed selling my favorite stretchy pants, I became immersed when I started curating fitness events for the store and hosting team sweats around the city. With that role I got to workout at alllll the fitness studios and there bloomed my love for this lifestyle and I got to invite my friends and co-workers to get in a good sweat with me while on the job – it was the best! Through lululemon I got to meet some of my current best friends and other like-minded individuals… like the incredible gal behind SweatNet Denver;)

I am currently a registered nurse and I specialize in traumatic brain injury patients! I love my job but am ready for my next challenge – I am aspiring to move into the aesthetics field soon! Outside of healthcare, you can find me teaching Lagree at Pilates Evolution every weekend! Lagree is still an up and coming fitness craze in Denver, if you have never tried send me a message and lets get you in a class! While it’s not pilates – think of it as pilates on steroids. Within a week you can find me hopping to and from boxing, to pilates, to yoga, to HIIT, to barre, to spin… I am up for anything:)

And as mentioned, I am a wannabe foodie! If you follow my social media accounts you will quickly learn that I love to be out and about in Denver trying the newest food craze, restaurants, food trucks, and coffee shops! If you ever need a recommendation, I GOT YOU! If you don’t want to grab a bite alone, I ALSO GOT YOU!

Overall, I am so excited to be an ambassador for SweatNet and meet other like-minded individuals! I love making new friends, new connections, and fostering relationships over an iced coffee or a good sweat.

Business Location

Pilates Evolution - A Lagree Fitness Studio, South University Boulevard, Centennial, CO, USA