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Folake Famoye



I currently work as a nurse in Grand Rapids and have been a nurse for over a decade. I enjoy working out at multiple gyms/studios.  I have been a Sweatnet member for approximately two years.  Group fitness is one of my favorite activities.   Whether it is High Fitness, strength training, boxing, cycling, or HIIT training, I love the encouragement that group fitness brings. I see fitness as an opportunity to challenge oneself and challenge others.  I love encouraging my fellow work out participants and my patients. I enjoy singing and usually sing something that’s made up throughout the day.  If my life could be a musical, that would be amazing.  I grew up in the church and still consider myself an active member.  I can do small talk but I prefer conversing about deep things that have a deep impact on one’s life.   Lastly, I am really looking forward to being a Sweatnet ambassador for this current year:).


Photo credit for 2/3 photos for my bio goes to Abbey Moore Photography – @abbeylmoore

Business Location

City of Grand Rapids Parks and Recreation, Market Avenue Southwest, Grand Rapids, MI, USA