Had A Rough Day? POUND It Out!

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Had A Rough Day? POUND It Out!

I took my very first POUND class with Lauren Voohries, and holy cow, I was sore for days after this workout (in a good way, of course!) POUND is a mix of yoga, pilates, and cardio while using lightweight drumsticks and jammin’ out to music that will seriously get you pumped. Oh, and this is all done on a rooftop overlooking the city…. Can’t get much better than that!

Lauren was joined by some other ladies that taught us some basic moves that we would be doing, and then they each took turns doing their own routine. Their #1 rule: don’t leave without pounding the crap out of that rooftop and be LOUD! These ladies will really take you out of your comfort zone, while also giving you such a fun experience that will leave you feeling so energized.

POUND is a whole body workout. Core, legs, arms, you name it! And in order to use those drumsticks, your booty has to get low… like really low. But what fun would it be if you aren’t using those drumsticks to their full potential?? They are also a GREAT stress reliever.

I was honestly so surprised at how great of a workout this class gave me. I was sweaty and sore, but also felt as if I could take on anything that was thrown my way. It really is like a party on the rooftop. So if you like to have fun and get your sweat on, then POUND is exactly what you need!