Hot tip: Fitness Boosts Your Immune System

Hot tip: Fitness Boosts Your Immune System

Article by Jade Tabares, Founder and owner of The Sweat Studios.

Over the years, I have found that the more consistently active I am, the less I get sick. Now I’m not talking about going crazy with hardcore workouts that raise cortisol levels and wear you out. I mean workouts that are sustainable and leave me feeling empowered and energized (such as pilates).

With the panic surrounding the corona virus and flu lately, I have done a lot of research and what I found was really interesting. Moderate exercise= a boost in your immune system.

Why is that you ask?
* exercise leads to anti-inflammation in your body
* regular exercise causes your body to send immune cells directly to cluster around harmful “germs” when sedentary bodies immune cells are scattered and not focused
* Physical activity can help flush bacteria out of your body through your lungs and airways
* the rise in body temperature right after a workout may prevent new bacteria from growing and may also help fight off infection

Take that Coronavirus.

Here are a couple of fascinating articles that explains more on immunity and being active…. (Some of these are pretty scientific and wordy so be prepared to nerd out haha!)