Instructor Insight: Alexandra Rose

Instructor Insight: Alexandra Rose

What classes do you teach & where?
Power Vinyasa, Hip Hop Yoga, UFLOW, Restorative, Yin, Meditation at Union Three studio. I also have a YouTube channel and blog called So it Flows where I teach yoga practices on and off the mat.
How did you get into the fitness industry?
In college I taught dance and choreography for the TB Lightning, and was introduced to the fitness in general. I got into yoga to restore my body, and my love and passion brought me to teaching today.
What’s your favorite thing about being an instructor?
Connecting with students and building community in my classes. We’re all there to support each other.
Where can we find you when you’re not teaching a class?
Working on creating a global community for yogis, building workshops, blogging (, out on the beach, traveling, finding new coffee shops and restaurants in the community or hanging with my cat Kai 😻
What’s your one piece of advice for someone who wants to live a healthier life? 
To tune into their body. . Our bodies know what they need. Be aware and educate themselves on what they are putting into it. Food is our medicine, know more about it ✌🏻
What is your guilty pleasure food and/or drink?
LOVE ME a bowl of cereal. Perfect way to get something sweet and quench your thirst. I’ve been using cashew milk, and it’s 🙌🏻. I also LOVE a good glass of wine, and all the charcuterie 😍
Who is your celebrity crush?
Young Leonardo DiCaprio, forever and always!

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