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Katie Flanagan



Being from Greenville and moving back after college, I find it interesting to meet people I don’t already know from living here for so long.  Greenville has grown so much and has become a destination place to  move! I’ve always been into fitness while growing up by playing year-round competitive soccer and seasonal swim team. I’ve always craved a cardio based, sweaty workout  so was unsure of trying yoga when introduced by my roommate at the time. I quickly became hooked on Yoga Sculpt and a heated yoga studio. My favorite thing about Sculpt is that no workout is the same, even after doing it for 5+ years. I work at ScanSource as an event planner in the marketing department. Yoga/Sculpt are big stress-relievers, especially in the midst of planning many detailed events. I attended the University of South Carolina and now live in downtown Greenville. I spend my free time with friends, checking out new places in Greenville, and my dog, Mac.

Business Location

Soul Yoga, Delano Drive, Greenville, SC, USA