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Lauren Brown

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Growth through practice. We all hone our minds, bodies and actions through practice. We intend to grow by attempting, making some mistakes along the way, reflection and therefore, more practice. If I could sum this all up in a nutshell I would, but honestly my entire waking life is a practice and I think that with my brief journey with crossfit, I have learned to reflect on this learning journey better. Since my remission from colorectal cancer, I have learned to integrate a fitness lifestyle in my life seriously. I really do believe practice has saved my life. I have been generally fit for my overall life, but for the past 8 years, I have been reformed in my practice, of which I partake in many forms of ‘fit’ now. I am a full-time crossfitter, part-time runner (ex-NCAA cross country athlete at Ferris State university) and recently, part-time yogi in training. I would love to learn more through this former practice, however, because I firmly believe I can learn much more from it. If I have an opportunity to learn, I do.

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8th Day Gym - Functional Fitness, Market Avenue Southwest, Grand Rapids, MI, USA