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Lorrie Ann Warden



Hi, I’m Lorrie!

I am a personal trainer and group fitness instructor here in the Charlotte area. You can find me at SPENGA Charlotte South End or NeighborhoodBarre Concord. My favorite thing to do is empower others to find their best. Whether that be lifting heavier weights, increasing their spin bike power, or finding their barre shake, I am your hype woman.

I found SweatNet shortly after moving to Charlotte during the pandemic. I am so grateful for the community and the opportunity to meet others. My favorite thing to do is grab a cup of coffee and create relationships.

When I’m not hyping you up during a work out, I am most likely eating my way through Charlotte with my husband. We have 3 pets and a newborn baby girl – so needless to say we are kept busy! Follow me on instagram or come say hi during the next SweatNet event and let’s chat!


Business Location

SPENGA Charlotte South End, West Tremont Avenue, Charlotte, NC, USA