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Morgan Stulpe



Hi! I’m Morgan. I was born and raised in Grand Rapids and attended Michigan State University (Go Green!). I now own a home and work in GR, I love being close to my family and friends. I work for Meijer corporate and am also a trainer at CKO Kickboxing at both locations. I am super passionate about the fitness community in Grand Rapids, there are so many studios and amazing opportunities right here in this city. Aside from kickboxing, I enjoy so many forms of exercise. I have been a dancer all my life, and have danced for the Grand Rapids Drive basketball team. I don’t dance as much anymore, but still enjoy dance-style workouts, cycling, walking/running (with my Golden doodle puppy, Millie), hiking, weight training, yoga and boot camp classes. Moving my body has done so many amazing things for my physical and mental health, and I love to share my experiences and passion with anyone and everyone. I’m so excited to extend my involvement in the Grand Rapids health and wellness community. I cannot wait to meet all of you fabulous SweatNET people!

Business Location

CKO Kickboxing Grand Rapids Downtown, Monroe Avenue Northwest, Grand Rapids, MI, USA