Pure Barre Review: My First Pure Reform Class at Pure Barre Mt. Lebanon

Pure Barre Review: My First Pure Reform Class at Pure Barre Mt. Lebanon

Ok – I’m officially a sucker for low-impact workouts. As a recovering HIIT junkie, I never appreciated the training style that barre classes bring to the table. I figured if I wasn’t walking out of the studio dripping in sweat, it wasn’t a good workout.

I was a little intimidated by the dance aspect of Pure Barre. Although I have a mean shuffle ball change, I’m the farthest thing from flexible. The Pure Reform class brings together the benefits of traditional ballet and pairs it with resistance training to create those long, lean muscles we all crave.

Pure Barre focuses on small movements that yield big results. Their full-body workouts target major muscle groups to tone your arms, lift your booty, sculpt your abs and chisel your legs. What more could a girl ask for?

The Pure Reform Experience

The barre studio was divided into COVID-friendly stations that contained the equipment needed for class – sliders and resistance tubes. Because I was a newbie, the instructor reviewed the flow of class, offered some modifications, and helped me get acquainted with the Pure Barre lingo. I slipped on my sticky socks, and I was ready to go.

Pure Barre is fast-paced, and I struggled to keep up at first. Everyone else moved in unison, so I’m assuming you get the hang of it after a few classes. I was skeptical whether Pure Reform would be challenging enough for me, and boy, was I wrong. In a matter of minutes, my body was shaking as I moved through each position. My favorite part of Pure Reform was the emphasis on unilateral compound movements. For example – while we were pulsing in a squat, we were simultaneously performing bicep curls. Training more than one major muscle group at the same time burns more calories, ignites your whole body, and elevates your heart rate.

Pure Reform is an incredible strength workout – I could still feel the effects of barre training days later. I walked into the studio a little skeptical, and I walked out a true believer in the methodology of training by small, controlled movements. It was my first time at Pure Barre Mt. Lebanon, but it certainly won’t be my last.

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