Quick, Healthy, Delicious On The Go Snack

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Quick, Healthy, Delicious On The Go Snack

One thing I’ve found in these postpartum months is that when I am hungry, I am out of my mind ravenously hungry, and it comes on rather quickly. In the early days with baby, that just meant that I grabbed whatever was available in the fridge in any type of combination. Think pickles with a slice of bread or chocolate chips, a hard boiled egg and some cheese sticks. Definitely not the most delicious pairings and certainly not enough to qualify as a meal, but in the bleary days of new baby, it worked.

This worked until Lauren McAbee of Essential Thrive dropped off some of her protein energy balls and changed my world again. Michelle’s Sweet Potato Lasagna will change your life if you missed my last post about them or are just dreaming about the recipe. Anyway, Lauren’s energy balls were packed with carbs, proteins, healthy fats AND flavor and did a much better job at keeping me satiated in-between meals. So naturally I asked for the recipe and got to work tweaking and modifying multiple batches of these balls.

Lauren’s official recipe can be found here but as someone that likes a little more structure theses are the measurements (click here for recipe) I found to be a good starting point before I felt comfortable going rogue with my ingredients and recipe.

Now, what I love about these balls is 3 part.

they are SO easy to make. With only a handful of ingredients (all ingredients that I happen to always have on hand in some capacity) it’s hard to “not have what you need” to knock these bad boys out.
 I can have a batch done in under 10 minutes which as a new mom, convenience baking is critical.
Variety is the spice of life and once you nail the recipe a time or two, subbing out ingredients for protein powder or cranberries or shredded coconut becomes second nature and you’re able to create your own delicious variation to my favorite snack.

Best of luck snackers, I hope y’all mix up some of your own delicious variations and enjoy grabbing a few of these balls out of the fridge as much as I do.

Happy snacking!