Studio Turned Kids Academy: Running A Fitness Studio In A Pandemic

Studio Turned Kids Academy: Running A Fitness Studio In A Pandemic

“Crazy times”.

When friends ask how I’m doing, how’s business, sometimes that’s my only answer. But things are looking up, and I’m finally excited to be working again and finding new ways to offer the community what it needs. Enter AIR Kids Academy, and our tweens and teen classes!

At a time like this, when parents and kids are struggling with virtual education and kids really just need some interaction and an outlet to help make them excited about learning again, we put together a program that can do just that. This idea stemmed from our corporate office; how do we use the studio during off hours to offer something the community needs? We’re all trying to pivot, but this idea, to offer a kids assisted learning and wellness program, wasn’t too far from what we already offer, and what I’m experienced in. I nannied for kids of all ages, particularly the 3-7 year olds for 5 years before opening my businesses, assisted in homeschooling for 2 years, and coached youth lacrosse for 6 years. At AIR we’ve been offering kids camps, kids AIR classes and workshops since our first studio opened in 2015.

AIR Kids Academy is an in person learning + wellness program for kids ages 4-6. We focus on small class sizes + COVID-19 safe socialization while offering a structured educational curriculum focused on S.T.E.A.M activities, in addition to unique indoor + outdoor wellness activities focused on fine gross and motor skills, problem solving, life and social skills, and most importantly fun! We are now open for enrollment, full day and half day! For more information or to apply, visit

As excited as I am about working again, I’ve been fortunate during this time to be at home with my first baby, Kellan, who turns 5 months this week. Now more than ever I see how important it is to offer children a safe environment to learn, grow and have fun. Kellan seems to be learning life faster everyday, and being a new mom during a pandemic with 2 businesses just trying to hang on can sometimes get the best of me. But then I remember, this too shall pass, and we are in this together. Let’s come together for the good of the next generation, keep ourselves and our kids happy and healthy, and be kind to one another.

I am thankful for a hardworking and dedicated team, clients who continue to support us, and a community that won’t back down. Let’s weather this storm and come back stronger, I know we can.

Drop me a line to say hello! Or more information on our Kids AIR Academy, Kids classes (ages 8-12) or Teen classes (13+) contact me!
IG: @airfitcharlotte

Kerri Flannigan