Stress Relief with Jaimis

Jaimis Huff, the creator of Jaimis Yoga and SOLSTICE leads us through a guided meditation to help ease stress and bring us back to center.

“Life can be chaotic, stressful and overwhelming at times. We live in a fast-paced, competitive world where we are always connected. This constant overstimulation can cause our bodies to be in fight-or-flight survival mode throughout the entire day. This response triggers the release of stress hormones that are responsible for helping us manage threatening situations, because let’s face it – bills, work deadlines, family drama, rush-hour traffic, even spending too much time on social media – can feel as overwhelming as running away from a giant grizzly bear sometimes.

Meditation has been scientifically proven to alleviate stress by countering this stress response with a relaxation response, leading to a decrease in heart rate and blood pressure and an increase in oxygen levels. This is a guided meditation for those days when you’re feeling stressed, anxious, overstimulated and overwhelmed. You don’t need to sit cross legged on the floor in silence for an hour to reap the benefits of meditation.  You can lie down and get comfortable, sit in a chair with back support, close your eyes while you’re soaking in the tub or listen to this right before bed as a way of disconnecting from the chaos of the day.”


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