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Trevor Higley Life Coaching

Helping you learn to control your mind to create the life you want.



My mission is to teach others how to become students of themselves. Through sharing my learnings and being a safe resource, I strive to help people create more self-confidence and deeper self-understanding.

Trevor Higley Coaching focuses on daily life. The life that happens inside our own head… inside our inner dialog. I coach groups & individuals on skills related to self-help, self-confidence, and learning how to develop/enhance a mindset that creates clarity and consistency on a continuous basis.

We are all taught how to be students, efficient employees, and humans that do things to ensure we succeed according to societal standards.

One day I asked myself, “Why haven’t I ever been directly taught how to be a student of myself? What about the parts of life that can’t be taught from a textbook? What about the parts of life that appear as everyday interactions that constantly test our ability to respond in a controlled, non-reactive manner? What about how life is constantly changing and that we were never taught skills to help us along the way?”

I found coaching as my answer. I became my own coach and began to teach myself to become a student of myself.

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Grand Rapids, MI