My 3 Favorite Sports Bras For the Fall

Am I the only one who still thinks back-to-school season justifies buying a new wardrobe? Thankfully, I’ve put a stop to my Hollister jeans phase (?,) and have filled that empty space in my closet with an obnoxiously large ration of sports bras. We’re talking an overflowing color-coded corner of my walk-in. And around this time of year (well, any time of the year really), I stock up on the baddest bras in the game and test them out one by one, until I crown my faves that would make Chastain proud.

Now I know what you’re thinking: Nat, who are you to curate bras with those bee stings of yours? ? Well, here’s the thing: even though I’m a proud member of the IBT committee, I still know when a sports bra rubs me the wrong way. And as a work-from-home fitnessista who pretty much lives in activewear all week long, I can tell a winning boulder holder when I’ve tried one.

So after doing my fair share of fittings for the fall, I’m proud to present to you the three sports bras that I think are a step above the breast… (err, um rest.) ?


Zensah Seamless Running Sports Bra, $39.99

Great for: Smaller to medium chested gals who don’t want to feel restricted or bothered by straps slipping during a tough workout.

How’s the support? This bra truly fits like second skin, and it keeps your girls lifted and snug without making them feel like they’re in a booby trap (?  get it?). Also, the racerback straps give you complete freedom to move around, cartwheel, and even contort yourself into a human pretzel without having to worry about a loose strap.

Will it make my boobs bigger? Unfortunately, this bra isn’t padded. However, it is double-lined for coverage in even the chilliest of winds (if you catch my drift ?).

Any super powers? The funky waffle-like material is moisture wicking, anti-chafing, anti-odor, and calorie-burning… haha, jk on that one. Unless lookin’ fly actually convinces you to workout harder. ?

Sizes and colors? This bra comes in 3 different sizes (S/M, M/L, L/XL) and is available in a whopping 22 colors. (#weartherainbow)

Want it? Shamelessly snag one in every color here.

Panache Wire Free Sports Bra
Panache Wire Free Sports Bra

Panache Medium Control Wire-Free Sports Bra, $68

Great for: All my ladies with bountiful bosoms who are on a mission to #stoppemfloppin.

How’s the support? About as good as it gets. This bra comes with built-in seam-free molded cups that cradle your ladies without any annoying wires digging into you.

Will it make my boobs bigger? It definitely made mine look fuller! There’s no push-up, but the built-in padding lifts and shapes.

Any super powers? Breathable performance fabric keeps you ventilated and dry when you’re sweatin’ up a tsunami. The wide cushioned straps prevent those annoying shoulder dig-in lines that regular bras leave behind. And finally, there’s a hook in the back that gives you the option to wear it in a racerback style as well.

Sizes and colors? Literally comes in every size imaginable (28B to 40H… yes, H is a real thing ? ), and is available in 2 neutral colors and 3 more playful colors.

Want it? Bring it home here.

CW-X Running Bra
CW-X Running Bra

CW-X Xtra Support Running Bra III, $50

Great for: Larger chested gals who want serious support without having to wear a wire.

How’s the support? Next level. This bra fits snugly, so you can workout assured that you’re strapped in place.

Will it make my boobs bigger? Unfortunately this won’t be your go-to bra for boosting your bosom size. Since it was created with larger breasts in mind, it isn’t padded and doesn’t do any lifting. It’s more ideal for those high intensity workouts where lookin’ busty isn’t as important as getting your sweat on.

Any super powers? Only ALL OF THEM. Just to name a few: quick dry fabric, adjustable velcro straps that can also be worn as a racerback, anti-chafing seams, mesh ventilated side panels, and these super high-tech “web” cups that do an incredible job of keeping you in place.

Sizes and colors? This revolutionary bra comes in 3 different colors (white, black, and pink) and ranges in sizes 34B to 38DD.

Want it? Take it for a spin here.

This post is not sponsored in any way. These truly are some of my favorite sports bras in the game!

Source: My 3 Favorite Sports Bras For the Fall — Nathletix