It’s that magical time of the year ladies and gentlemen! The time when we sweep out the old and welcome all the new goals and aspirations that come with a new set of 365 days. I will say I personally am not the biggest fan of new years resolutions and I’ll tell you why. More times than not every “resolution” I set lasts for a good 2-3 months before I fall off whatever wagon I set out to ride on.

A lot of people center their resolution around being a better, healthier version of themselves which usually involve going to the gym more, starting a new workout routine and/or eating healthier. While all of these are great aspirations for some reason some people tend to lose the steam once all the glitter and glamour of a new year starts to fade. I got the idea this year to set multiple intentions for the year oppose to one resolution to dictate my entire year. Instead of setting one big goal, try setting an intention for each month that pertains to a higher goal.

For example, if your goal for the new year is start a business lay out a plan for the entire year to make it happen.

  1. January: Create a business plan
  2. February: Find a mentor
  3. March: Go to a local course geared towards marketing

Maybe, your new year’s resolution is to stay dedicated to a new fitness plan.

  1. January: Become a member of SweatNET if you haven’t already
  2. February: Commit to working out 3x’s a week
  3. March: Add an additional 30 minutes of Cardio to each workout
  4. April: Add a new workout to mix things up

Whatever your goal is, breaking it up into smaller pieces can help make it more attainable. Get creative with your intentions for the new year. Write them down and each month (or whatever unit of time you choose to measure your goals in) journal about your successes. Log what worked and what didn’t work. Make notes about how you feel about your progress. Make notes about where you fell short. Take note of anything and everything pertaining to your intention, so you have a clear idea of how to execute your next intention. Good luck and let’s go crush 2019!