reBalance Fitness: [re]Learning How to Move Well

We visited reBalance Fitness & Nutrition for a #SWEATDATE. Rather than take our #SWEATDATE to reBalance, which is located in Myers Park (above Ben & Jerry’s on Providence Rd), we went to their event “Move, Sweat, Sip” at Lenny Boy Brewing. The purpose behind their event/workout was to fully break down common movements that we do in a large group setting including pushups, squats and lunges.

We started with a warmup to “turn on” muscles that are commonly under-active (ie the glutes). From there, the reBalance team went over each exercise and fully explained the mechanics behind every single movement. They gave advancements for each exercise as well as modifications to truly make the movement accessible for every person there.

Kim and the entire team of trainers at reBalance are incredibly knowledgeable and understand the importance of teaching clients to move well first and foremost. To learn more about reBalance Fitness & Nutrition, watch our #SWEATDATE above!

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