RockBox Fitness

We made this video before RockBox Fitness was RockBox Fitness. Previously, it was called FastFit Boxing. However, not much (if anything) has changed aside from they’re awesome new branding! 

Have you ever heard the saying “I am a lover not a fighter”? Well, those people probably just don’t know how to fight. If you asked Steve, the owner of RockBox Fitness, he would probably tell you I am one of those who doesn’t know how to fight – At least not yet and/or not well. This doesn’t stop me from feeling like a royal bad-ass after each class spent punching, kicking, lifting and everything else. There is probably no better way to describe this serious workout than to say it is actually fun. You will be sore the next morning and still look forward to going back.

The first time I rolled up to RockBox (FastFit Boxing at the time), I was 30 minutes early and thought to myself…maybe this isn’t the right gym. There was not a single car in the parking lot, front or back except for one lime green truck with a boxing girl parked on the grass near the street under the billboard sign. The building which looks like a square metal warehouse looked closed as far as I could tell. We tried the door and popped our heads in to find Steve welcoming us in. My hesitation disappeared instantly. Steve is friendly, funny and will get you settled in. In the 30 min time frame prior to your first class starting, Steve will get you wrapped up and teach you the primary punches and kicks you will need to know. You will practice a few times until both you and Steve are confident with every instruction.

Boxing, Kickboxing, or anything new can seem a little intimidating as an outside. Relax, you are not going to be punching anything that can hit back (besides your instructor, but he won’t hit back). On the outside, it may look a little dreary. Once you walk in, you know this is the real deal. There are all kinds of different bags hanging from chains on the left, a handful of the biggest tires you’ve ever seen, boxes, treadmills, weights, medicine balls, jump ropes, a slew of weight machines and free weights. Don’t be put off or intimidated. You’re about to be a bag punching bad-ass for the next hour of your life.

Today’s workout was the hardest one I’ve done to date. Possibly because Steve didn’t want to be caught going easy on me while we were filming but more likely because I have been enjoying too many Christmas treats. A brief warm-up followed by a mix of cardio and boxing circuits was followed by a few more combinations on the bags before we switched over to some strength training. The strength training was a small circuit utilizing the sled, kettle bells, ropes, broken treadmill and pistol squats on the TRX bands. When I say broken treadmill, I don’t mean that it is broken, need to be the one to make it move -think Flintstones car..but a treadmill. Just when you think you’re done… don’t. Class almost always ends with some form of abs. A fun mix of everything, one thing you never will find yourself feeling at RockBox is bored.

You don’t need to own boxing gloves or anything special. They have everything you need on site. If you’re a newbie like me, you probably don’t own any wrist-wraps. These are used to make sure you don’t break yourself while you are taking out your aggression on hanging bags filled with dense sand. Bring five dollars or a credit card so you can purchase some wraps. The trainers will wrap your wrists for you to make sure it is done properly. Take my advice, if you never want to wrap your wrists, even after your 20th class, just look helpless like me. Steve will hook you up. I still go home and tell everyone I am a fighter.

One sweet perk to checking out RockBox is that your first class is FREE! Except for wraps but if you’re as hooked as I was after the first class, there’s plenty of membership options that can be tailored to what fits you and your workout needs best. Class size is typically smaller and more intimate in the the late morning and noon classes while the early morning and evening classes fill out. At any time though, the instructors are great at getting around to everybody and keeping an eye out for us first timers.

With a crew of talented trainers, RockBox will be sure to challenge you with a fresh workout you have not done before. Each workout is unique and custom tailored to the group that shows up. You will get a total workout and comfortable with motions you may never thought you’d find yourself in (did I mention I am a fighter?) The instructors are knowledgeable, motivating and the music is always there to keep you going. If you’re looking for a sweaty, fun, and intense full body workout like you’ve never had before, RockBox could be perfect for you.

Visit RockBox Fitness in Cornelius, Huntersville or Charlotte (WEBSITE HERE)

Skill Level
Beginner to advanced; All Levels

Class Size
Small to large, depending on time

60 minutes

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