Setting Attainable AND Sustainable Goals

January seems like the perfect time to talk about setting attainable AND sustainable goals. It’s the new year, heck it’s a new decade so why not use it to your advantage and create the best version of yourself starting NOW! 

Many of us are guilty of setting a new year’s resolutions and doing really well for the first couple of months. As time goes on and schedules refill and our resolutions get pushed aside. I am raising both hands because I am JUST as guilty of this as every single person reading along right now. 

Setting goals is not as simple as 1, 2, 3. It is important to have a certain thought process as you determine your goals for 2020.

Think of a goal that is truly attainable. It is SO important to give yourself something that is doable within your own means to keep from getting burnt out. There is a difference between a daunting yet achievable task vs. an unrealistic expectation. If you put an unrealistic expectation on yourself before you have begun the process you’re a lot less likely to achieve the goal.

Next, after you have decided what your ATTAINABLE goal is, break it down into steps! Breaking your goal down into steps creates sustainability. I look at a sustainable goal as one you can carry through the year. Sustainable goals become habits. Habits can last forever! Attainability encourages consistency and consistency breeds sustainability.

For example, I want to build a sustainable habit of healthy motion into my weekly schedule. I am an elementary special education teacher. I wake up at 5:00am, leave at 6:30am (yay for a long commute) and don’t get off until 3:00pm. My goal for 2020 is to go to the gym right after school and complete a 30-45 minute workout. Going to the gym for a 30-45 minute workout is definitely attainable. I know my goal is attainable and that encourages me to be consistent. When I am consistent I am building a habit that I will be able to sustain throughout the year.

Finally, write. it. down. Writing your goal on paper makes it concrete. Your goal is no longer a thought bouncing around in your head. It is real and YOU are making it happen! Create checkpoints for yourself daily, weekly, or monthly and make that goal of yours a reality! Share your goal with close friends or family. Build up a community around yourself that helps you reach your goals & go achieve them!!! I am cheering you on!