I essentially took the month of October off from clean eating and just enjoyed. I mean, really enjoyed. It was nice to just enjoy food with friends and family.  While I still exercised regularly I indulged – overindulged rather – in all things pumpkin.  I ordered the PSL from Starbucks. Yep, even included the whip.  I dined on pumpkin ravioli and enjoyed every bite.  I sipped on Pumpkin beer at brunch while eating pumpkin spice chocolate chip pancakes and have never been happier.  Needless to say I enjoyed myself during the month of the pumpkin like almost everyone else in America.


Life is about balance. I believe that if I didn’t take this time off to allow myself to indulge I would feel deprived.  However, my pants feel tight and my Spanx leggings seem to be working overtime these days.  So how does one get flat abs back after a solid month of poor eating?  Clean eating and core focused workouts is the answer.   While diet is super important I also believe that building a strong core is equally as important.  One of my favorite core-centric workouts is called The Lagree Fitness™ Method.  In Charlotte my FAVORITE fitness studios where this method of training is offered is called HSM | Core.  Every time I become diligent about attending classes at HSM | Core I quickly notice a difference in the way my body looks.

Use Code: chicseries to take your first class at HSM | Core for FREE!

The Chic Series community always seems enthusiastic to participate in all things fitness. So I wanted to invite you along on my core transformation journey.  In addition to following Nancy Anderson’s Bible Diet, I will be adding the Lagree Fitness™ Method into my workout routine by attending HSM | Core 3 -4x a week.  Lucky for you HSM | Core has decided to partner with my friends on this journey by offering all first time clients a free class!   Just use code chicseries!  So what do you need to know before you attend your first class?  Let’s start with the basics.

What is Lagree Fitness™?

The Lagree Fitness™ Training Method is taught on the megaformer which was developed by fitness visionary, Sebastien Lagree.  Sebastien believes that physical fitness is made up of five basic elements: Cardio, Strength, Endurance, Body Composition, and Flexibility. Where many workouts and exercise regimens work to integrate as many of these elements as possible, Lagree Fitness™ meets all these elements; not just in 1 session but in each and every move.  Bottom line Lagree Fitness™ is intense and effective.

Due to nagging overuse injuries – or maybe my age is finally starting to catch up with me – I had to cut back on my running.  The great thing about attending classes at HSM | Core is that it is low-impact and safe on the joints, spine, and connective tissues.  The torso is the body’s center of power, so the more strength and stability trained in this area, the better chances you will have in preventing injuries and maintaining good alignment and posture. Lagree Fitness™ focuses heavily on core stabilizing exercises and maintaining good form throughout each and every move.

So in laymans terms what can you expect when you head to HSM | Core?  A full body workout in a fun upbeat atmosphere that will leave you sore for days.  Did I mention that it is only 40 minutes?!  Yep this super effective full body core and cardio workout, will get your heart rate pumping by using slow and controlled movements.  You can expect an increase in strength, you overall endurance and longer leaner more toned physique.  Don’t let that last line fool you – just as many men attend class as do women.  So grab your boyfriend or husband and sign up for your first class here.  Remember to use code chicseries so you can get your first class for free!

Strong Flat Abs

As a mother to two little children, ages 4 and 1, I was determined to get my “body back after baby”.  I refused to believe that it could only be done with invasive surgeries.  But like many others I struggled to regain my core after having a child.  I did every workout imaginable and even did multiple workouts a day.  I was exhausted and overworked and my “skinny jeans” still weren’t zipping.  It wasn’t until I discovered and regularly attended classes at HSM | Core that I regained my core strength and found my abs again!  If you too are looking to achieve those rock hard abs then try adding The Lagree Fitness™ Method into your routine.

To prove to you that it works I am going to take you along on my journey over the next three weeks. I will detail my transformation. My before pictures are below.

While it might seem scary to put before pictures out there on the internet, I believe it holds me more accountable.

So my goal is to get rid of my pumpkin induced muffin top and regain my strong flat abs. Furthermore, every time I head up to NYC 40% of the class works out in their sports bras.  Not only do I want to regain my flat abs I also want to regain my confidence.  I too want, and might I add will be at HSM | Core wearing just a sports bra and my high waisted leggings.

Why is this last part so important to me?  CEO and founder of the method, Sebastian Lagree puts it best, “More and more research is coming out on the endless benefits of a healthy mind or a positive mind and its affect on the body. “The heaviest weight to lift is the weight of a negative mind.” But mental health is more than just positive thinking; it’s your self-esteem. How you really feel about yourself affects everything else in your life. People with good self-esteem have an abundance of confidence and are better at managing stress and avoiding self-destructive behaviors such as compulsive eating and so forth. Feeling great about yourself impacts your behavior which impacts your body composition.”  I couldn’t agree more.  As I always say when you look good you feel good and vice versa.

My Before Pictures Week 1 with HSM | Core


Lagree Fitness™ Studio Locator

If you live in the Charlotte area you can try out the Lagree Fitness Method at either one of HSM | Core‘s studios.  You can locate both HSM | Core studios in Charlotte here.

If you aren’t located in Charlotte you can still try out the Lagree Fitness Method by using their studio locator. The main LAGREE FITNESS STUDIO is located in Los Angeles! So if you are ever in the area you should head to 375 N La Cienega Blvd suite #1, Los Angeles 90048 so you can tell and show Sebastian yourself how you too have changed your body.


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