This Studio in SouthPark Has Something for Everyone

VIBE5 Fitness (pronounced VIBES) is a relatively new studio in SouthPark (located across from Earth Fare).

VIBE5 boasts a beautiful studio. The floor to ceiling windows make for some incredible lighting that sets the mood. Private showers, mats, all the accessories and amenities you could look for in a studio are here.

VIBE5 does an incredible job connecting and building their community, that in just a short time has become something you can feel upon walking in. The staff is friendly, instructors and classmates are judgement free, and the overall vibe (no pun intended) is that everyone is here and in it together.

No matter what fitness level you are at, VIBE5 has a class for you. They offer a variety of classes from bootcamp, deep stretch, rocket yoga and more. Whether you like a heated yoga class or non-heated class, there’s an option for everyone.

We had the opportunity to pop into their “H3” class which stands for “Hip. Hot. Hard.” And I promise you it delivers just that. The class was heated and included a great mix of yoga and cardio all while moving along to hip hop music (what could be better?!). It was a GREAT workout filled with tons of energy that left every single person dripping with sweat and smiling ear to ear.

If you’re still debating trying out VIBE5 – do it! You won’t regret it.

VIBE5 Fitness is a partner of SweatNET. SweatNET members receive exclusive drop in rates at this studio. Interested in becoming a member? Sign up here.